Digital Advertising Services

  • About our Digital Advertising service packages
  • Process & Call Guide to kick off and manage advertising programs

UX/CRO Services

  • About our website UX/CRO service packages
  • Process & Call Guide to kick off and manage UX/CRO programs


  • How to setup Databox for a customer
  • Adding Dashboard Templates to a Customer Account


  • Special LiveSafe (Client) instructions
  • How to send an email from a template in Pardot 

HubSpot Forms

  • How to Create a New Form
  • How to Clone an Existing Form in HubSpot
  • Edit Hubspot Contact Property Settings

HubSpot Lists

  • Navigating in the Contacts tool
  • How to add contacts into HubSpot
  • Differences between a smart list and a static list
  • When to create and use smart lists
  • How to create smart lists

The Facilitation Process

  • The conference all facilitation process for BDTM
  • How to facilitate a call on the Avaya phone system

Technical Sales Skills

  • Skills required to be successful in sales conversations with prospects

Microsoft Teams

  • How to access/install Microsoft Teams
  • How to post messages
  • How to chat with other internal customers

Lead Tracker

  • Overview of the Lead Tracker Excel spreadsheet
  • Definitions of LPI and KPI
  • How to enter your opportunity numbers and read your progress against your target

Scheduling and Work Management

  • Significance of project scheduling for TSL and customers
  • Where to locate the schedule and how to read your assigned campaigns and hours


  • Training about flash storage

IT Overviews

  • IT 101
  • IT 102
  • IT 103

Cloud Computing

  • Training about cloud computing

Channel Marketing

  • What is Channel Marketing and why do firms sell through a channel?
  • Creating a joint marketing plan
  • TSL's channel marketing services

Project Kickoff/Intake

  • How to start a project after is it assigned to a manager
  • Internal Kickoff Call Guide
  • External Customer Kickoff Call Guide

SEO Services

  • About our SEO service packages
  • Process & Call Guide to kick off and manage SEO programs

Sharepoint File Setup

  • Create Sharepoint files
  • Link to Clarizen project file path


  • How to Set Up a New MailChimp Account
  • Finishing Account Automation Setup & Creating a Thank You Email

Landing Pages

  • How to Create a New Landing Page in Unbounce and Hubspot
  • How to Clone an Existing Landing Page in Unbounce and Hubspot

Cigna Open Enrollment 2018

  • Presentation about Cigna benefits open enrollment session for 2018

The Sale Process for BDTM

  • The stages of the sales process

Mock Calls with Gatekeepers

  • Mock calls with company gatekeepers and prospects demonstrate how to best navigate common conversation scenarios

Avaya Module

  • What is Avaya?
  • Technical terms and how Avaya works
  • Holding a conversation about Avaya


  • Overview of OneDrive for all users
  • Setting up and accessing OneDrive as a BDTM


  • How to use RainKing, a contact list data provider tool

Hubspot Inbound Lead Follow-Up

  • Hubspot Lead Stage acronyms and definitions
  • Responder types, notifications, and actions for BDTM
  • Overview of the CRM Dashboard, Contacts, Views
  • How to view, manage, and update contacts

Internet of Things

  • Training about the Internet of Things (IoT)

Server Virtualization

  • Training about server virtualization

Clarizen Project Setup and Assignment for Admins

  • Loading project templates that align to services sold
  • Required fields/settings and best practices for Administrators
  • Assigning an entire campaign or portions of a campaign to a manager

Opportunity Identification Services

  • About our Opportunity Identification (Lead Generation) services
  • Process & Call Guide to kick off and manage O.I. programs

Leveraging an Alliance Partner

  • Who are our Alliance Partners?
  • How to work with an Alliance Partner on a project

Adding/Creating a Subdomain

  • How to create a subdomain 
  • Add your domain to Unbounce account

TSL's Own Social Media

  • How to Build the Content Repository
  • How to Schedule Out Posts

HubSpot Workflows

  • How to Make a Lead Rotator 
  • How to Set Up Frequently Used Workflows
  • How to Set Up Lead Scoring 


  • How to use ADP to request time off and submit your timesheet

Contact List Development

  • What is list development?
  • Best practices for list development

Soft Skills

  • Soft skills

Remote BDTM Best Practices

  • Tips for success for remote internal customers

Outlook Email for BDTM

  • How to view your calendar, and create and send a calendar invite for a conference call
  • Best practices for scheduling conference calls
  • How to create your email signature


  • Overview of VanillaSoft, TSL's inside sales software and calling system

Final Data Call

  • Review of the Performance Dashboard and metrics provided to customers
  • Best practices for data coding
  • Review of the Opportunity Tracker and facilitation notes
  • Significance of data coding in VanillaSoft

Disaster Recovery

  • Training about disaster recovery

IT Security

  • Training about IT security

Website Optimization Wishlist Setup and Updates

  • Template for the Website Optimization Wishlist and how to create it
  • How to add recommendations to the wishlist
  • How to run the Month-End Website Wishlist Review meetings and assign out action items