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Experts in SEM and Social Media Advertising

At TSL, we are B2B digital ad experts. We offer digital ad services for:

  • Paid social media, including Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Paid search for Google and Bing
  • Digital display, including strategic banner and ad placement for ads that get noticed

We have in-house B2B audience targeting experts. Our team has the technical expertise to help you set up conversion tracking and demographics. Our B2B marketing pros provide content and offer lead generation and conversion optimization.

The TSL team is expert at ad performance tracking and lead attribution. When you partner with us, you gain the ability to leverage our telemarketing team for response follow-up. You also gain access to our in-house creative team of copywriters and designers.

LinkedIn Advertising

TSL has been managing client LinkedIn Ad accounts since 2013. When you partner with us for LinkedIn advertising, you gain access to direct support from LinkedIn for technical issues and ongoing training.

Google Advertising

As a Certified Google Partner, TSL has insight into how to create content and offers that perform well on Google. We can build and manage AdWords, Google Display, and remarketing campaigns.

Digital Advertising Offers

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Google Search and Display Advertising

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Traditional Targeting Without Segmentation

When companies target a general audience, they experience low engagement, click-through, and conversion rates. Higher per-click costs put pressure on the marketing team to get conversions. A lack of personalization leads to a poor customer experience and a lack of social engagement.

TSL helps companies segment their audience members into groups of similar prospects so that ads can be targeted toward their needs and pain points.

The Need for Persona-Based Content and Offers

Personas paint a picture of ideal customers with specific roles, interests, and ways of seeking information. For instance, LinkedIn is a me-oriented platform. Members are more likely to engage with content that is relevant to them. By speaking to their role in their industry, you will see higher engagement rates.

People don’t log into LinkedIn looking to solve their company’s problems. Instead, they are looking for ways to advance in their career. Content and offers perform better when they are geared toward the person and his or her aspirations.

Building Account, Vertical, List, and Remarketing Segments

A content strategy needs to be built using segmentation so you can promote your brand to your best audience while becoming recognized by a wider audience.

Audit your current content and offers to identify which are geared toward a persona. Find gaps in your inventory and create more content and offers to fill the gaps. Modify existing offers for personas and work on developing more for every stage in the buyer’s journey.

Types of Segmentation

Account-Based Marketing: Target top accounts with content and offers geared to your target personas.

Vertical Segmentation: Breaking down your content and offers into both personas and industry verticals will lead to higher ad engagement rates.

List Targeting: Support other marketing efforts by loading your list and targeting only these lists. This technique can be used for company and email targeting.

Remarketing: Target past site visitors or cold conversion lists. Break remarketing lists down further with LinkedIn Ad Audience segmentation.

General Whitespace Targeting: Target more generally by excluding the specific sets mentioned above.

Better Ad and Content Spend Management Through Persona and Account Tiering

Tiering and segmentation give your company greater control over where your ad dollars are spent. Less ad spend is wasted when higher-competition audiences aren’t mixed with low-competition audiences.

You gain the ability to turn off or pause underperforming segments without shutting everything down. Your bids have a better chance of getting you in front of coveted LinkedIn members.

With tiering and segmentation, you are better able to track clicks and conversion rates on a per-persona or per-segment basis. The data gathered can be used to plan future content and offers.

Quick Overview of Remarketing

Marketing to previous site visitors, cold conversions, or dormant account lists can lower click and conversion costs. LinkedIn Professional Audience Demographics can be used to filter down remarketing lists.

Lower costs and higher conversion rates are typical results of well-built remarketing efforts. Remarketing will drive your ad machine. However, it can take a while to spin up, depending on traffic volume and list size.

TSL can help you remarket by providing Conversion Tracking, Ad Optimization, and Remarketing List Builds.

Digital Advertising Offers

TSL provides a variety of Ad Setup and Management offers.

Consulting Services: LinkedIn Ad Assessment and Consultation

Basic Account Setup: Advertising Intake, Account Setup, and Advertising Setup

Enterprise Account Setup: Advertising Intake, Account Setup, and Advertising Setup

Advertising Management: Monthly Management and Reporting

Exec Review: Quarterly Business Reviews