HotJar Install & Setup

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Installing HotJar on a Website


What HeatMaps/Recordings/Polls to Set Up

Heat maps:

Heat Mapping should be installed on any important website pages.

  • Home Page
  • Main Pages in Navigation
  • Landing Pages

Most of our customers only need 1,000 page views.


Use recordings to watch how users actually interact with the site. Great for catching website functionality issues and bad user experiences.

How to Start Recordings:

  • Set up recordings for “Any Pages”
  • If needed, set up recordings for specific page that is being focused on by Agile Web Team

Incoming Feedback

Set up Incoming Feedback to ask people about their experience on the website. Edit the styling of the form to match the customer’s branding.


Polls can be used to ask the visitor specific questions about their intent on the page and if the page provided the information they were looking for.

Creating Your First Poll -


Reporting for HotJar

Reporting for HotJar is fairly manual. You'll want an SME such as Ryan N, Ryan B, Shawn, or Norma to review the heatmaps, click tracking, polls, and recordings and write up a report. Reporting for HotJar can be combined into an over website report or progress report like the ones listed below.

Here is are some sample reports that can be copied and edited for a different client.