Opportunity Identification Services

Our Services

  • TSL's main Opportunity Identification (Lead Generation) packages are outlined here: https://www.tslmarketing.com/pricing/lead-generation  
  • SQL Guarantee Lead Generation campaigns are those where TSL must call a defined list and deliver an agreed-upon number of facilitated opportunities.
  • Hourly Outbound campaigns are those where TSL must call a certain number of hours to a defined list. Hours called is based on calculation of Budget divided by BDTM hourly bill rate. Called on by LPS and sometimes PMC, but billed at LPS hourly rate.
    • Considered Low difficulty
      • Profiling: The end goal is to provide the client a database with certain information about the accounts, and the main goal is NOT leads. BDTM call accounts/contacts to collect certain information from them (ex. Brand information, number of devices, why they are no longer customers of X, how often they purchase, etc.).
      • List Development: Identifying or confirming a contact and their title and decision-maker power for a certain message
      • Event Boost: Calling into a list of contacts to secure event registrations (digital and in-person events)
    • Considered Average difficulty to generate leads
      • Market Test: Testing a new or unique message and/or to a new target audience
      • Market Research: Requesting survey responses over the phone
      • Hourly lead generation: Calling into lists to generate leads; work is charged per hour instead of per lead delivered as in SQL Guarantee campaigns.
  • Hourly Responder campaigns are those where TSL is following up on inbound contacts garnered through digital marketing efforts (digital advertising, content marketing). Called on by PMC (Pipeline Management Coordinators), and billed at PMC hourly rate.



Project Lead begins with the Project Intake and Kickoff Process, step 8. Send an email to the customer with the agenda for the External Customer Kickoff Meeting:
  • During this kickoff call we will review the following agenda items: LINK TO LP [content TBD]
    • Introductions
    • Overview of Statement of Work
    • Our Goals and Process
    • Requests for Access and Resources
    • Schedule Checkpoints
    • Review Action Items
Project Lead runs External Customer Kickoff Meeting by following the Kickoff Call Guide for Opportunity Identification Services.


Ongoing Management



Planning around Holidays

  • Note that there is a difference is pausing a campaign’s calling, and simply delaying the dates we’ll schedule next facilitation meetings for. The latter is the more common request of our customers.
  • When to pause a campaign’s calling during holiday timeframes:
    • If the campaign is not performing well, and we expect prospects’ unavailability to further negatively impact performance.
    • If the customer proactively requests that we fully stop calling, we can accommodate.
  • When to delay scheduling facilitation meetings:
    • Proactively ask customers when they and/or their sales reps will be unavailable. Agree on the next available dates when calls can be scheduled for. Relay this to BDTM assigned to the campaign during the holiday timeframe.
      • Example: Hi, with the upcoming holiday we just wanted to confirm if there are any days that you company/reps will not be able to take a call?