Create a TSL Internal Resource 

This resource page will take you through all the steps necessary to create a TSL Internal Resource Page, including how to import files, videos, or YouTube links on to the page, and creating the listing for the page on the TSL Internal Resource homepage. It is recommended that you open any links or files you need. Check if the files are uploaded to the HubSpot files page. If the files are not there, upload them on to HubSpot by clicking the orange “Upload files” button at this link. You should also have the Process Directory open, along with any draft document with the process information.

Links needed to create a resource page:

TSL HubSpot Files Page:

TSL Internal Resources Page:

Process Directory:

Meet Now-201903111618

Creating a TSL Internal Resource Website Page 


Step #  Owner  Time   Action 
1  Operations  5sec  Log into HubSpot  
2    Operations    5sec  From the top menu banner at the top, click “Marketing” then click “Website Pages.” 
3    Operations    1sec  Click the orange button at the top right hand corner “Create website page.” 
4    Operations    5sec  Click in the search box and create the page from template “TSL Academy Internal Resources Single” by clicking on it.   
5    Operations    5sec  A box will pop-up asking for the page name. Page Names always include “TSL Internal Resource | (name of resource)” .Example: TSL Internal Resource | Test  
6    Operations    10sec  Click “Settings” near the top center of the page and insert the following:  Page title  Note: After you type in the Page title, HubSpot will automatically input the URL.  Page URL(break up words with dashes)     Campaign – TSL Internal Resources Academy  
7    Operations    1sec  Then click “Content” next to the “Settings” button at the top.  
8    Operations    5sec  Hover your mouse over the text under the orange box that says ”Back to Listing” that is already pre-loaded in the page and a pencil will appear. Click on it to edit page.    
9    Operations    1min  Fill in the Page with appropriate information from the process directory excel sheet (link is above). 
10  Operations  -  If you’re including files of any kind on the page, continue to the next step. If you’re only adding a video link continue to step 14. If you don’t need to add any files or links, skip to step 17.  
11  Operations  5sec  At the top of the editing frame, click “Insert” then “File Link.” A sidebar will popup that is connected to out HubSpot folders and resources. You can browse or search for the folder and file you need to insert. Click on it.  
12  Operations  10sec   HubSpot will take the title of the document and create a link with it. Click on the text that was created and a small banner will pop-up. Click on the pencil, then click on the box that says “Open link in new window” and the box that says “Tell search engines not to follow this link.” 
13  Operations  -  If you’re including a video link, continue to the next step, If not, skip to step 17.  
14  Operations  10sec  If the video is from YouTube, go to the video and click the “Share” button. Copy the link to the video and go back to HubSpot. 
15  Operations  1sec  If you’re not already in the editing mode on the page you’re working on, hover over the page until the pencil appears, then click on it. 
16  Operations  5sec  At the top of the editing frame, click “Insert” then “Embed” and paste the link in the box. An embed link will be automatically created and the video will appear on the page.   Note: This will work for any video hosted online.  Click the orange ok box.  
17    Operations    30sec  Go back to settings and copy the Page URL. Go to the process directory and paste the link in the appropriate cell for the appropriate process. Go back to HubSpot.  
18    Operations    10sec  Click “Save” at the top right of the page.
19 Operations 1 min

Send an email to the SEO Manager and Web Developer requesting that they review and "Publish" the page.

20 Operations 1 min Receive confirmation that the page was published. It is now ready to be added to the homepage listing.


  Adding the Internal Resource Page to the Homepage   (time stamp 5:50 in video)

Step #  Owner  Time  Action 
1  Operations    5sec  From the top menu banner, click “Marketing” then click “Website Pages.” 
2  Operations    5sec  Search for “TSL Internal Resources Homepage” which will take you to the content information of the resources homepage.  
3  Operations    5sec  Click on the URL to the right of the screenshot of the page which will take you to the actual resources homepage and click on the HubSpot logo in the top right corner and then click “Edit Page.” 
4  Operations    10sec  On the left hand side, click the 3-D box, then the “Edit modules” menu will appear. Scroll down and click “ + Add new module” to the module group that is smallest to try and keep the lengths of the three module groups even.  
5  Operations    10sec  A pop-up will appear and search “Single Resource Listing Academy” then click on it. Then click the orange “Add module” box.  
6  Operations    5sec  If the page doesn’t scroll down for you, scroll to the bottom to see the new listing page. Hover your mouse over it and click the pencil that will appear.  
7  Operations    1 min  Enter the Title of Content and bullet points found in the Process Directory.  
8  Operations    10sec  Then copy the link of the resource page you created before from the process directory in the “Resource Link” box. 
9  Operations    1sec  Click on the “Overlay Link” switch to turn it on (it will be colored if it’s on).   Delete “Read More” from the “Text For non Overlay Link.” 
10  Operations    1min  Insert the “Resource Topic” and “Resource Role” from the Process Directory. You must include the hyphen between labels if they have two or more words, and you must separate each label by a comma then a space. 
11  Operations    1sec  Click Save at the top right corner. The click the “Apply” button at the bottom left of the page.  
12  Operations    1sec  Click the orange “Update” button at the top right corner. A pop up will appear, then click on the orange “Update page now” button.  
13  Operations  10sec  Go back to the Process Directory sheet and complete the status fields in columns to indicate that the Landing Page is finalized and has been added to the homepage.