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B2B Website Development

Websites that Make an Impression

Your website is your digital storefront for your organization. When buyers interact with you online, it takes only seconds for them to form an opinion about what kind of business you are, how they want to interact with you, and if they want to do business with you.

Our web development team helps our customers stand out and make a great impression. Our goal is to build simple websites that create a positive user experience. We build websites with the user in mind. Users should be able to easily get to content and information that is most useful for them. This helps inform their buying decision and form a positive perception of your brand.

Websites that Generate Leads

Many companies we work with are looking to make their websites more than just a digital billboard. We can help you build streamlined paths to your lead-generating offers and content. Our web strategists work with you to understand your buyer persona  and to build out site pages and offers geared toward those personas. We work hard to ensure your site has clear paths to conversion and conversion assist pages. When done right, your website becomes a lead-generating engine.


Website Development Process

TSL Marketing has a tested website development process that encompasses all of the necessary steps you should take to make your website rock-solid and immediately make great impressions.

Goal Setting

Before embarking upon any website build, determine what the goal of your website will be and how you want your visitors to interact with the site. Here are a few questions to ask:

  • What is the purpose of your site? Will it be for awareness or are you looking to generate leads for your business?
  • How are people currently interacting with your digital presence? What can you learn from this and how can you build off of it for your future digital efforts?
  • Are there any areas of your business that you are looking to grow? Do you want to showcase these?
  • What is your long-term vision for your digital efforts?

Persona Creation and Strategy

Once you have a clear vision for your site's overall goals, the next step is to build the vision for who you want to interact with your site and how your site will help them in their buyer's journey. 

Marketing to your website visitors requires an intentional and well-thought content strategy. Our teams work to bring order to the content and overall information architecture of the site to provide visitors and your ideal customer personas a great experience. Here are a few items to reflect upon when you're building your customer personas:

  • Who are the top personas that will interact with your site?
  • What are their unique motivations and goals?
  • Where are they located?
  • What drives them personally and professionally?
  • What keeps them up at night?
  • What problems will your solution solve for them?
  • What are they trying to find out about your organization? 
  • What are your brand differentiators that will set you apart from other organizations that your visitors may be researching? 
  • How can you create an overall user experience that will keep them interacting with your brand?

Persona Workbook Download

Wireframe and Navigation Map strategy 

Once we have an understanding of your buyer persona and unique value propositions, we then build out the website's information architecture. This is brought to life through a simple wireframe and navigation map design.

The wireframe is a bare-bones representation of the various page elements of the site. The navigation map will show the various points of entry into the pages and sub-pages of your new website.

This phase provides an opportunity to better visualize a user’s experience and to get an overview of the conversion paths weaved into the site architecture.

Designing a Website that Reflects Your Brand

After mapping out the basic site elements and site navigation, we start to dive deeper into the website's design elements. Your website is the digital flagship for your brand. Our team works to align the site design with your brand vision.

  • What are the primary and secondary colors of your brand?
  • Do you prefer abstract or concrete imagery?
  • How do you want site visitors to perceive your brand?
  • Which fonts should be used for the copy?
  • Which other brand websites do you admire?

Based on your conversation with our design team, they will work to build design elements around the wireframe and provide you with a design comp draft to review.

Front-End Development and Launch

We begin developing your site in a test area once we have an approved website design. TSL has a comprehensive quality assurance process that we follow to help assure a smooth website launch. You'll have the opportunity to test and navigate the site pre-launch so that you can sign off that the site is ready to go live. 

Other Website Services

Search Engine Optimization

Top performing websites are purpose-built for the user and the searcher. Many clients look to enhance our standard website development process by adding on a SEO-oriented strategy session. These sessions are conducted by one of our SEO experts and focus on how to build a website that performs well in search.

We start by performing an analysis and content inventory of your old website. Then, we map out a optimal information architecture, content, and linking strategies for the new site. Guidance is provided for proper on-page SEO. We develop a blueprint for marking up your top pages. We also help to make sure that any old site pages are properly redirected. This means that when search results for old pages appear that the searchers aren't directed to 404 pages.

Hosting and Maintenance

TSL can also provide hosting and website maintenance services for customers who are looking for a turn-key website solution. This option is ideal for organizations without devoted marketing teams who want their website to be hassle-free.

Analytics and Performance Analysis

We also provide services to our clients to help them get a better understanding of website performance through website analytics. This helps our clients make better data driven marketing decisions by giving them an understanding of:

  • Which pages are bringing you the highest volume of traffic? Which are bringing the lowest?
  • Which pages have a high bounce rate?
  • Which pages could provide additional opportunities for conversion assists?
  • Are there additional opportunities for turning more visitors into leads?
  • How can you continue to provide the best user experience for long-term visitors?
  • Which pages are generating conversions?
  • How are visitors flowing through the website?

User Experience and Multivariate Testing

For the measurement of specific pages – like your home page and landing pages  we offer heat-mapping analysis and A/B testing to help optimize the user experience. 

Ongoing SEO Monitoring and Maintenance

For organizations looking to maintain or build up their search presence, we offer ongoing SEO monitoring and break-fix services. These services help your website by:

  • Staying up-to-date with Google algorithm changes
  • Keeping an eye on potential webmaster warnings,
  • Making you aware of page errors
  • Helping you to understand and fix any large dips in search traffic
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