Clarizen Project Setup and Assignment for Admins and Managers



This process recording is for Clarizen Administrators who will set up and assign projects to the team of managers. A portion is relevant to Managers who create and assign out subprojects to co-managers, or reassign remaining work/unearned budget to a new manager in scenarios of account handoffs.

When process is followed these system and user needs are met:

  • CJ PM is made Owner to receive attribution for the revenue under management and any earned amounts that need to be reported
  • Owner is copied from the subproject to all of its related milestones and tasks, so the correct Owner has edit permissions for those work items and receives notifications from Discussions. If a CJ project, this also means the Timesheet Views that list their campaigns will include these reassigned tasks to more easily log time.
  • Owner who previously earned value on a campaign maintains the attribution and there is clear break of unearned budget for the new Owner to manage.


Video Topics and Sections

  • Schedule for setting up and assigning out campaigns (Timestamp: 0:05)
    • Monday by EOD: All newly transferred campaigns should be set up in Clarizen with accurate financial fields
    • Tuesday/Wednesday (or as manager assignments are made): Assign projects to Project Lead and/or Customer Journey PM per the project’s Opportunity page in Salesforce
  • Where to locate newly transferred campaigns’ projects (Timestamp: 2:20)
  • Loading project templates that align with services outlined in Salesforce (Timestamp: 4:25)
  • Required fields and other settings (see process update notes below)
  • Best practices for Administrators
    • Unfollowing work items in bulk (Timestamp: 19:40)
    • Revising the “Unfollow” Custom Action to name the current Administrator responsible for project setup (Timestamp: 22:00)
  • Assigning an entire campaign to one manager (Timestamp: 24:30)
  • Explanation of the "New Manager Assignment" Custom Action button and why we must use it (Timestamp: 25:53)
  • Assigning portions of a campaign to a co-manager (Timestamp: 27:38)
    • When a Project Lead has a Customer Journey PM who should be the Owner of a budget placeholder or subproject for Customer Journey services
    • When a campaign Owner (whether Projects or CJ) needs to reassign remaining work/unearned budget to a new manager in scenarios of account handoffs)

Process update as of 10/28/2019 that are not reflected in video:

  • Enter Fixed Price amounts on Milestone work items. Leave Fixed Price blank on the subproject work item level.
  • Load Customer Journey and Custom-priced projects as "Fixed Price" Billing Type, and set a Fixed Price. The Admin will not have project plan insights needed in order to allocate the Budgeted Amount across the Milestones. The assigned project manager will need to delete these placeholders and re-load the corresponding template.
  • Navigate to the "Financial Planning" Project View and click the "Refresh" button to push the project revenue forecast live into reports and dashboards.


The following is a more detailed walkthrough of how to reassign a campaign that has earned value under one manager. This scenario shows a Customer Journey Lead-Based project reassignment. 


Data Accuracy and Quality Assurance

If any process errors were made, or steps skipped, in project setup above, issues would be flagged by the Clarizen Dashboard "Data QA: Missing or Incorrect Field Values/Information". The admin can open the dashboard, click "Refresh" button, and look for any panels with results displayed that need action/correction.