TSL's Own Social Media

TSL's Own Social Media

TSL shares their own content and relevant industry news on a variety of social media profiles and pages through the Hubspot social media tool. 

How to Build the Content Repository

Blank Repository Template: https://tslmarketing204-my.sharepoint.com/:x:/g/personal/imcneil_tslmarketing_com/EXy9yZftnQ5EhhPl3uw7_NEBvbUOJ_HCb3W72xpARuj7Hw?e=cddRgF  


1) Review the topics that are a priority in the spreadsheet. Please include at least 30-40% of TSL’s own material including landing pages, blogs, or internal pages. At the top of the spreadsheet, there are percentages for the amount of posts per topic. 

2) In the “Publish Date” column, update the dates that will need posts, excluding weekends and holidays. Pick a time or range of times. Red dots on a date mean there is a post scheduled out.

3) Use Google “News” tab to find new, relevant articles in these subjects. Go to https://www.google.com/ and search for the topic. Select the “News” tab. Go to “Tools” and change “Recent” to “Past Month.” 


4) Find relevant articles from reputable websites. Avoid other website’s landing pages, only choose ungated/free content.  

5) Copy/paste the link and article’s title into the spreadsheet.  

6) Write a caption or pull a quote from the article. 

Additional Sites for Content

How to Schedule Out Posts

Step # Owner  Time Action
1     Go to TSL’s social media management page in Hubspot - https://app.hubspot.com/social/40441 
2     Click orange “Create social post” button in top right. 
3     Select the LinkedIn logo first. Update the date the post should be scheduled on and select the profiles listed below. When you click on the name in the left corner, you can check off all the boxes for the names listed below. 

For the actual post, you just cut and paste the caption you wrote on the spreadsheet, hit the space bar, then paste the link of the article.

You also have to pick a time, which there isn’t a standard for. Ines suggests having a range of times, example: 2 p.m. on April 1 and 7 a.m. on April 2 (for twitter, it will automatically separate each post by 15 minutes).

LinkedIn Profiles: 

  • TSL Marketing 
  • Medtech and Medical Device Marketing 
  • David English  
  • Jeffrey Marchesiani  
  • Ryan Nicholson 
  • Jason Hopp 
  • Kerri Vardon 
  • Julie Swain
4     If the photo that is automatically loaded onto the post is irrelevant or another company's logo, click on the image button in the left corner on the first post BEFORE you create additional posts. When you click on the image button, HubSpot stock photos will appear, pick one that is relevant to the topic, however do not use an icon or small photo as it will have poor quality for the size of the post. 
5     Select the Facebook logo. Select the profiles listed below. 

Facebook:  TSL’s Facebook

6     Select the Twitter logo.

Post to these Twitter profiles (you have to create a twitter post for each individual profile): 

    • TSL Marketing 
    • David English 
    • Ryan Nicholson 
    • Jeffrey Marchesiani 
    • Shawn Rosko - SEO articles only

The first twitter post you create will be easy; however, as soon as you hit the Twitter button again to create another post, you’ll see a red caution symbol on both your previous Twitter post and the new one you’re about to create. That symbol can just be ignored on the previous post because it will stick around until you make a differentiating adjustment to the new one. This action continues with each new Twitter post you create. You just need to make one character different in each post.

Here are some differentiating adjustments you can make:

  • Adding an extra space before the link in the body of the post.
  • Adding a hashtag (I asked Ines once if there are any guidelines for hashtags and she didn’t seem to think there were any, so you can be creative with it.)
  • Trading in the period at the end of the sentence for a colon or exclamation point.