Telemarketing for B2B Lead Generation

Telemarketing that Drives Marketing ROI

People-powered Lead Generation

Our team of experienced business development professionals are experts at the art of the phone call. The Business Development teams at TSL are managed by our all-star team of project managers. The project managers work with our clients to identify a target audience and craft a message for your products and services that is catered for your audience.

Once your project kicks off, our team provides routine updates and reports on the results of your campaign. We provide you with a report and maintain a compiled report of all leads generated. Our project managers work with your team to get your feedback on every lead we generate.

We work hard to deliver customer value. Our customer experience team works with our business development teams to make sure that we execute telemarketing projects that WOW and delight.

B2B Outbound Lead Generation 

Our telemarketing efforts break down into two main categories:

1. We can call through a list and generate lead reports and business intelligence, which are delivered over to your team so they can make follow-up calls. For these projects, we set an expectation on the number of leads that will be delivered based on the list size, the amount of passes, and the products and/or services we are calling about. Typically these campaigns are built out and priced by number of passes into the number of contacts in the list.

2. In our conference call setting campaigns, we set a guaranteed number of leads to be delivered and attempt to set conference calls with every lead we generate. Whenever possible, TSL's Business Development Team sets up the call and facilitates the conference call between your team and the prospect on your behalf. These campaigns are built around a guaranteed lead percentage into a set amount of companies.

Lead Progression and Nurturing

TSL Marketing's in-house sales team not only provides lead verification and validation, but also lead progression and lead nurturing solutions. We understand that not every lead that you generate gets followed up on. Despite your best efforts, some leads get left behind. We also know that sales teams often don't have the time to focus on early-stage leads. This is why we have a team of Lead Progression Specialists and Pipeline Management Consultants who can reach out to nurture and progress leads at any point in the sales cycle.

Lead-to-Win Services

We maintain in-house technology sales team that can move qualified leads through to RFP/Proposal. We work with many organizations who do most of their business through maintaining current accounts. They often don't devote the same amount of time to new business unless the customer is ready for a proposal. We take ownership of the lead as far down the sales cycle as needed. The same team also has the ability to progress the lead up to the final sale on your behalf.

BANT Qualified Leads

To get quality leads, we develop a firm understanding of your solutions and services so that we can ask better qualifying questions. Our team strives to provide you with a clear understanding of prospects and their situation by building lead reports that include information about budget, authority, need, and time frame. Our experience in technology marketing allows our team to go a step further than many organizations and hold conversations around IT environments as well. 

Guaranteed Results

TSL Marketing's outbound telemarketing team provides world-class lead generation services that are built to deliver quality leads through both the service level agreement (SLA) program and traditional lead generation.