Leveraging an Alliance Partner


Who is an Alliance Partner & why do we work with them?

  • Alliance partners are TSL’s select group of technically skilled, pre-approved resources who we can work with on digital production projects.
  • TSL partners are able to complete high quality work and meet the needs of our project timelines. TSL may choose to use alliance partners when our full-time team members do not have availability to complete work according to our project’s timeline/needs.
  • We also work with a group of alliance partners where we do not have dedicated skillset/hours internally for social media consultation and content management - "TSL Academy". This group consists of Paul Krappman, Denise Bahs, Victoria Bianchini, Mimi Meagher. 


Which projects can we send to our Alliance Partners?

We can send most projects to our partners if our internal team members are scheduled to capacity. If a project is more custom (in style, length, complexity) and does not follow a traditional example, or requires additional collaboration time with the internal team or customer, we must outline expectations in the initial project request to ensure the Alliance Partner is comfortable completing the work and can provide an accurate quote.

If you are unsure if a project can be sent to an Alliance Partner, contact Norma Shepardson to evaluate it.

Who are our Alliance Partners?

Alliance Partners Services Contracted Hourly Bill Rate Phone Number E-mail
Michael Getzlaff Copy $75 302-515-5711 mgetzlaff@gmail.com
J. T. Thomas Graphic Design

$40 (as of April 2021)

989-858-1748 jtcreativity22@gmail.com
Kevin Lucca Development $110 847-910-0259 kevin@luccaam.com
Jeff Williamson SEO $30   jeffreyjwilliamson@gmail.com
Christie Gunden Marketing Strategist $90  


(Also available to connect via MS Teams)

Lauren Janik Marketing Strategist $85  


(Also available to connect via MS Teams)

Accultura: Ysabel Viau & team Translation: French, Spanish, Russian, Italian Open rate card for TSL 514-865-4646 ysabel@accultura.com
Rhodrick Magsino Typography Video Production Resource page with info 630-440-9926 rho.magsino@gmail.com

TSL Academy group:

Paul Krappman

Denise Bahs

Victoria Bianchini

Mimi Meagher

Social Media Consultation/Training and Content Management

Paul Krappman: $250 Bill Rate and $125 Cost Rate to TSL. Note that 10% of any project budget would be allocated to Paul for admin fee.

Others: $150 Bill Rate and $75 Cost Rate to TSL.



How do I send a social media consulting project to our "TSL Academy" Alliance Partners?

Our social media consulting work is handled through our partner team "TSL Academy" led up by Paul Krappman. They are a more integrated group under TSL; they have @tslmarketing.com email addresses and are an extension of our team. Paul's team includes himself, Denise Bahs, Victoria Bianchini, and Mimi Meagher. Note bill and cost rates above. To initiate work the assigned project manager needs to:

  1. Open a PO for the TSL costs for the consulting hours, via the Clarizen Expense Sheets process.
  2. Receive PO approval.
  3. Email pkrappman@tslmarketing.com with the customer info and social media consulting scope overview and hours, and PO number.
  4. Receive reply email from Paul with an assigned consultant.
  5. Send calendar invite for kickoff call with the assigned consultant.


How do I send a project to other Alliance Partners?

Follow "PROC-1601 Leveraging an Alliance Partner" below.

The manager should communicate with Alliance Partners clearly in terms of calendar due dates for TSL to review and QA rounds of work submitted, and time allowed for their QA edits. The manager should confirm with them that enough time has been built into project plans for this workflow. TSL has no visibility into Alliance Partners' full workloads and schedules so this is a critical step to ensure we do not miss our client-facing work submission due dates.

Step # Owner Time (mins) Action
1 Project Lead   Determine that an Alliance Partner would be best option for the task/project. [Important note: Understand that their fee will impact the project’s overall profitability.] 
2 Project Lead 10 Collect all required information from the customer and/or internal team for delivery to the Alliance Partner. [Important note: We must have full request outlined for execution prior to contacting an Alliance Partner] 
3 Project Lead 3 Send an email to the appropriate Alliance Partner with the project request, due dates, and inquiry about estimated fee. Include/CC Norma Shepardson (nshepardson@tslmarketing.com) on the email.  Was project accepted? 
  • If YES, inform Alliance Partner we will open a PO and then send formal agreement paperwork. Go to step #5 
  • If NO, go to step #4 
4 Project Lead 10 Hold conversation with the Alliance Partner to clarify project request, negotiate fees, due dates, etc. Was project accepted? 
  • If YES, inform Alliance Partner we will open a PO and then send formal agreement paperwork. Go to step #5 
  • If NO, consider new Alliance Partner resource and go back to step #3 
5 Project Lead 3 Create a Clarizen Expense Sheet to record the Alliance Partner expense on the related project work item and request the PO. [Refer to “Clarizen Budget & Expense Management Manual: Create and Submit an Expense Sheet for Approval”] 


  • If the Alliance Partner provided a close range of hours as an estimate (ex. 6-8 hours), submit the Expense Sheet for the higher number of hours.
  • An Alliance Partner expense is a TSL-incurred cost and we should not increase the customer fee for the project/deliverable or assess a pass-through fee.
6 Project Lead 0.5 Receive email alert that the Clarizen Expense Sheet was approved by the Finance Director. 
7 Project Lead 3 Complete the DOCU-XXXX Alliance Partner Work Order. Save document as a PDF so it is not editable, and email to the Alliance Partner for signature. Include/CC Accounts Payable and Receivable Specialist (jlewandowski@tslmarketing.com) on the email. 
8 Alliance Partner 2 Sign Alliance Partner Work Order and email to Project Lead. 
9 Project Lead and Accounts Payable and Receivable Specialist 0.5 Receive signed Alliance Partner Work Order. 
10 Project Lead 3 Assign related Clarizen work item(s) to the correct Resources.
11 Project Lead 3 Send a meeting invitation to the Alliance Partner for project orientation, to discuss request and review resources. If requested/as needed, include internal SMEs. Follow up with a corresponding email with resources attached for review in advance. 
12 Project Lead 15 Hold project orientation call with the Alliance Partner. 
13 Alliance Partner Variable Deliver work output to the Project Lead. 
14 Project Lead 1 Mark the Clarizen work items assigned to the Alliance Partner resources as “Complete”. 
15 Alliance Partner 1 Email project Invoice to TSL Project Lead and Finance Manager (Jen Lewandowski (jlewandowski@tslmarketing.com). 
16 Project Lead 1 Reply to Invoice email to Finance Manager confirming status of project (complete or incomplete). 
17 Accounts Payable and Receivable Specialist 5 Note in Alliance Partner budget tracking that project was fulfilled and pay invoice. 

Download the "TSL Marketing Alliance Partner Work Order" Form: https://www.tslmarketing.com/hubfs/TSL_Marketing_Alliance%20Partner%20Work%20Order.docx