Sharepoint File Setup


This is a process followed by Operations in order to establish new customer and/or project Sharepoint files for our file directory.


Step # Owner  Time Action
1  Operations  3 Create Clarizen project [PROC-$$$$]
2  Operations  0.10 Navigate to the Sharepoint “TSL Marketing Team Site” located at
3  Operations  0.10 Mouseover the “Customer Folder Template” and select it using the checkmark to the left of the folder icon.
4  Operations  0.10 Select “Copy To”
5  Operations  0.10 Select “Current Library”
6  Operations  0.10 Select “Customer Files”
7  Operations  0.10 Select “Copy Here”
8  Operations  0.10 Click the vertical three dot icon
9  Operations  0.10 Click “Rename”
10  Operations  0.10 Enter the name of the Customer
11  Operations  0.10 Click “Save”
12  Operations  0.10 Does the project include Digital or Production services?
  • If YES, go to Step #13
  • If NO, go to Step #17
13     Click the “New” button
14     Choose “Folder” from the dropdown menu
15     Type the name of the Digital or Creative service. For example, “SEO” or “Launchpad Website”.
16     Click the “Create” button
17     Navigate to the Clarizen project related to the Customer and Project Transfer Number.
18     In the Properties search bar in the upper right corner, type “Default Integration Path”.
19     Double-click next to the * icon in the whitespace.
20     Click the […] icon to open the menu
21     Select the corresponding Customer folder using the radio button to the left.
22     Click the “OK” button.
23     Click “Enter” on your keyboard to save the change. The Sharepoint file is now mapped to the Clarizen project.