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The Art of Persuasion

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Technology Providers Guide to Marketing - 2018

The most innovative technology companies in the world are using some of the same strategies to promote their products and services. Learn how you can enhance your marketing for 2018.

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Six Marketing Metrics that Quantify Marketing’s Value to the Business

Understand the unique metrics that allow you to assess the performance of content marketing efforts.

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Digital Marketing Guide to Medical Technology Industry

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing for the Medical Technology Industry

In-depth guidance on how to create a targeted and omnichannel marketing strategy for promoting medical technology.

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Read About the Top B2B Sales & Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2019


Lead Progression Programs: The Powerful Payoff

Uncover effective tactics for nurturing long-term prospects in the pipeline and accelerating conversion rates.

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channel marketing strategy

Channel Marketing Strategy: Setting Marketing Vision

David English, President of TSL Marketing, explains key metrics that help companies decide what they want to accomplish with a marketing plan.

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Channel Marketing Strategy: Measuring & Analyzing Results

Get expert pointers on how to leverage marketing metrics into accurate and actionable insights.

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Combine the Powers of Inbound and Outbound Marketing: How to Create a Marketing Love Story

Discover why combining engaging content with expert telemarketers adds up to a marriage made in heaven.

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Digital Advertising Best Practices

Digital Marketing Best Practices: Preparing for Digital Advertising

Ryan Nicholson, VP of Marketing at TSL, explains how to prepare for advertising by optimizing your website.

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Channel Marketing Strategy: Getting Channel Partners to Use Your Content & Channel Marketing Tools

Learn how to convince co-marketers to incorporate your marketing tools into their strategies.

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Channel Marketing Strategy: Ideal Partner Profile for Net New Business

Uncover the top factors you want to consider before partnering with another company to sell products and services.

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How Great Content Dresses Your Company for Success

Get pointers on how to create personalized and eye-catching marketing content that draws prospects in and converts them.

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Why Marketing Automation Is Not a Silver Bullet: The Rise of the Digital Sales Professional

David English, President of TSL Marketing, shares insights into the importance of using sales people to follow up on digital marketing efforts.

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Infographic: The B2B Technology Sales Cycle Has Changed

A wealth of statistics illustrating trends that have transformed and complicated the B2B sales process.

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Channel Marketing Strategy: The Basics

The President of TSL Marketing gives expert advice on ways to determine the roles and responsibilities of channel marketing partners.

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Channel Marketing Strategy: Creating a Joint Marketing Plan

Understand how to lay the groundwork for an effective joint marketing strategy.

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