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SEO Retainers Overview Meeting 9.17.2018


  • Project Lead begins with the Project Intake and Kickoff Process, step 8. Send an email to the customer with the agenda for the External Customer Kickoff Meeting.
  • Project Lead runs External Customer Kickoff Meeting by following the Kickoff Call Guide and referencing SEO-specific sections below.
  • SEO manager creates Databox dashboards following standard process and template outlined here.
  • SEO manager produces an initial SEO Audit (PDF). The initial audit is done not only to establish a baseline of where the customer is at today, but also to give us a checklist of priority items to focus on as we dive into optimizing the site. 
  • The audit turns into a wishlist/plan that allows us to prioritize our efforts as ‘critical fixes’ all the way down to ‘nice to have.’ We place focus on fixing anything that’s causing harm to the site or creating frustration for users, then move onto less critical updates from there.
  • Retainers include regular check-ins with the dedicated manager and the relevant SEO/UX/CRO experts.
  • We hold a review with the customer of recommended updates and get approval/align with their own team’s priorities before making changes.
  • The Audits/Wishlist are a starting point. TSL will continue to evolve our recommendations during the course of our partnership
  • Hours are spent monthly on the identified fixes/updates per the Audit & Wishlist. The breakdown of how hours are used will be customized based on customers’ unique needs. Members of our team who will be assigned hours monthly could include the following:
    • SEO Director
    • VP, Marketing
    • Sr. Director, User Experience
    • Graphic Design & UX Manager
    • Sr. Copywriter
    • Sr. Editor
    • Sr. Developer
    • Digital Marketing Manager
    • Project Manager


Kickoff Call: Goals and Process

  • Our SEO services are meant to deliver XXXXX and …” SEO KPIs and LPIs FROM JEFF/RYAN 
  • "Let's review our process for the SEO [PACKAGE NAME]. Once you provide us access to XXX, we will start out by performing an SEO assessment and create a Findings & Recommendations report. Then we will hold a call with you where [SEO RESOURCE] will review findings, outline our recommendations for improvement, and be able to answer any questions you have." 
  • Based on package:
    • Advice Package: "Throughout the [X months duration] we will review your team's updates to the website and impact on performance. Per the Advice Package scope, TSL will not implement any fixes or optimization work. We will, however, review work you or your team implement based on our recommendations, and be able to report back to you about impact on your website’s performance." 
    • Foundations Package & Advanced Package: "Throughout the [X months duration] we will make fixes to and optimize your website based on our Recommendations Report and re-prioritize based on performance we see month-to-month." 
  • "Each month, we will review your website's performance against the goals we identify and highlight recommendations for continued improvement. We will hold one call per month with you when we will review the latest results, discuss recommendations, and answer questions you may have. Are there any questions about our process or what you can expect from the SEO [PACKAGE NAME]? 
  • “[SEO SME NAME], do you have anything to add to this?”


Kickoff Call: Requests for Access and Resources

  • "In order to get started with the SEO [PACKAGE NAME], we'll need access to XXX. If you're able, we'd like to pass the screenshare to you in order to grant us that access now. Are you able to do this now?” 
    • If yes: SEO SME handles access walkthrough [LINK TO INSTRUCTIONS] 
    • If no: Mention in “Review Action items” 



Below are trainings on SEO implementation.