Kinetic Typography Video Production


TSL works with an alliance partner, Rhodrick Magsino, to produce kinetic typography/motion graphic videos for our customers. TSL's project manager serves as liaison between the alliance partner and the TSL customer. Our goal is to ensure timely review and response from the customer in order for the project to stay on track, and to manage against scope to avoid additional fees and delays.

Product Description

TSL will create an informative, entertaining and captivating motion graphics & kinetic typography video that inspires a call to action with the audience and potential clients. The length will be approximately 1 or 2 minutes. Includes scripting, storyboarding, voiceover, music, and final video (you own the rights). Client must provide their standard brand guidelines, and high resolution logo(s) and other brand/solution-specific images for inclusion. Video elements provided at each step must be fully considered and feedback must be provided in one round. Production elements build on one another, so requests for revisions to, or different selection of, elements approved in previous steps will require additional fees (assessed based on complexity/time required).

The Method:

Step 1 - Intake meeting to discuss and agree upon the needs and intention of the client.

Step 2 - The copy script and visual direction storyboard are created, edited, and approved. One round of revisions is included.

Step 3 - Voiceover samples and music suggestions will be submitted to client for selection.

Step 4 - Audio voiceover is recorded, edited, and approved. One round of revisions is included.

Step 5 - Video animation and audio are combined and the draft is sent to client for review. One round of revisions is included.

Step 6 - Final video file is delivered.

The estimated time frame for video completion is within 4 weeks of project intake, but is based upon client response to requests for materials and approvals to proceed.

Pricing & Terms

Quotes below were provided in April 2019. It is recommended to connect with the Alliance Partner with your projects' specific scope details and needs to receive a quote.

In this quote, TSL's price to customer is the same as the Whiteboard Video price. However, the scope/terms and expense/cost to TSL to hire the alliance partner follow a different structure than The Draw Shop's so the manager must be mindful of varying expenses/quote with Alliance Partner to ensure there is sufficient margin before confirming customer price.


1 minute video:

  • $4,250 fee to customer
  • $2,160 cost to TSL

2 minute video:

  • $6,350 fee to customer
  • $3,960 cost to TSL

Full Motion Graphics & Kinetic Typography

  • Storyboard
  • Graphic and text animation within brand guidelines
  • 1 round of revisions
  • Delivery in HD and Mobile formats

$30 per completed second

x 60 seconds = $1,800

$30 per completed second

x 120 seconds = $3,600

Sound Design & Voiceover

  • Professional SAG level voiceover artist
  • Recording studio fee
  • Sound editing/mixing & mastering
$300 per script $300 per script


  • Royalty free stock music
  • Documents to rights ownership/no copyright restriction
$60 per selection $60 per selection


  • Revisions: There will be 1 round of full revisions before final delivery. Any further revisions needed by the client after the final delivery will be billed hourly at $150/Hour, minimum of 1 hour for each revision request.
  • Single Rates: Each time the client provides a new script after recording is completed or requests an additional song after approval of purchase, the single rate will be applied again.
  • Kill Fee: Contract requires a kill fee of 25% of the total bill after the recording phase has begun.


TSL is responsible for providing the following to the Alliance Partner:

  • Script copywriting with 1 round of revisions. Collaboration meetings required for concepting and alignment of script with partner's storyboard.
  • Customer's standard brand guidelines. If no formal brand guidelines are available, TSL must compile elements such as typefaces and fonts into our Style Tile in InVision.
  • High resolution logo files, and any other brand or solution-specific images that need to be included in the video.


  • To initiate work with this Alliance Partner, refer to the "Leveraging an Alliance Partner" resource page here: