Call Guide Development


A Call Guide is a document created during the setup phase for Customer Journey Opportunity Identification programs. It is used by these roles for different purposes.

  • Customers and Managers:
    • Confirms that customers and TSL are aligned about services and messaging, and how we will present ourselves to prospects.
    • Submitted for IBM Proof of Performance. The guide must mention the products or services of whomever pays for the campaign (for example, Cisco's products mentioned if the program is funded for that purpose).  
  • Callers: 
    • Provides training on the campaign, including background info about the company, additional information about the product or services the company sells, and questions to ask prospects when working to identify need.

Call Guide template for download: TSL Call Guide Template

Completed Call Guide for reference: Telcion Call Guide


Step # Owner Time (mins) Action
1 Customer Journey Manager  Varies

Hold the Customer Kickoff Call, and when discussing the campaign be sure to capture the following information that will be included in the Call Guide:

  • Solutions/Services the company offers
  • Solutions/Services TSL is focused on marketing
  • The Target Audience (prospect) role(s)

Explain that the Call Guide will be sent for review within 3-5 business days.

2 Customer Journey Manager 0.5 minutes Download the TSL Call Guide Template document.
3 Customer Journey Manager 1 minute

Open the document and edit the cover page as follows.

  • Replace /Client Name/ with the customer's company name. If desired, add the company's logo.
  • Replace /PM Name/ with your first and last name.
  • Replace /PM Phone/ with your TSL direct phone number.
  • Replace /PM E-mail/ with your TSL email address.
 4 Customer Journey Manager  0 minutes Do not edit the "Call Guide Summary"; this is boilerplate content for the customer's benefit.
 5 Customer Journey Manager  5 mins. "Company Overview": Replace with content from the company's website "About Us" page.
 6 Customer Journey Manager  20 mins. "Solution/Service Overview": Replace with a list of solutions or services discussed during the kickoff call and/or found from the company's website. Include detail about each one (what it is, what function it serves).
 7 Customer Journey Manager  2 mins. "Target Audience": Replace with the roles the BDTM will be trying to reach. For example, IT Director, IT Manager, CIO.
 8 Customer Journey Manager  5 mins.

"Call Introduction/Road Map": Replace with a conversational but concise introduction of the company and service/solution. For example:

Hi this is ____ calling from _____. We are (fact/generalized statement about the company). I am reaching out about our offerings and to find out how we may be able to help you.

 9 Customer Journey Manager  30 mins. "Discussion Points": Replace with a conversational but concise introduction of the company and service/solution.
 10 Customer Journey Manager 30 mins.

"Background Questions": This gives BDTM an idea of where the conversation should lead. Questions will vary based on the solutions or offerings we're going to market with. Outline questions that can be used as a guide. Refer to previous call guides from similar service areas/offerings to get a sense of similar questions.

 11 Customer Journey Manager 0 mins. Do not edit the "Deeper Dive Questions"; this is boilerplate content.
 12 Customer Journey Manager 5 mins. "Next Action/Offering": Replace with any specific offers. For example: Set up a call with our solution engineer, or Schedule a demo of our solution.
 13 Customer Journey Manager 20 mins.

Review your document start to finish and check:

  • All placeholder labels and/or internal notes have been replaced with content
  • Spelling, grammar, punctuation for accuracy

If you are an Assistant Program Manager, go to Step #14

If you are not an Assistant Program Manager, go to Step #18

 14 Customer Journey Manager 1 min. Send your draft Call Guide document to the campaign's assigned PQM (Program Quality Manager) for review.


 15  PQM 10 mins. Review the Call Guide for completeness, accuracy, and spelling/grammar/punctuation errors. If edits are required, use Tracked Changes to highlight what you have revised.
16 PQM 1 min. Send your revised Call Guide document back to the campaign's assigned manager.
17 Customer Journey Manager Varies Review the returned Call Guide document, accept/address tracked changes and/or comments from the PQM, and save the document as final.
18 Customer Journey Manager 5 min. Create and send an email to the customer point of contact(s) with the Call Guide document attached for review. Include any outstanding questions or areas for the customer to clarify.
19 Customer Journey Manager 20 mins. Receive the email from the customer and make any requested edits. Send the revised version to the customer so they have a copy for reference. Save the Call Guide document in the related Campaign Microsoft Teams channel, under the Files folder path "Business Development > Call Guide & Collateral".
20 Customer Journey Manager 2 mins. Save the Call Guide document in the related Campaign Microsoft Teams channel, under the Files folder path "Business Development > Call Guide & Collateral".