Digital Audits


Types of Digital Audits Offered

TSL performs a variety of digital audits for customers:
  • [IN PROCESS DEVELOPMENT MAY 2021] Digital Diagnostic Scoping audits, created primarily to inform internal teams while developing proposals/SOWs.
  • Complimentary audits, offered during the sales stage to identify areas TSL services can support
  • Paid audits, either standalone service or included in digital services:
    • Examples of variations:
    • These are created during project kickoff/setup for these services:
      • Advanced Launch Service - A strategic planning engagement
      • SEO Advice Retainer
      • SEO Foundations Retainer
      • SEO Advanced Retainer
      • Website Optimization Retainer
      • Website Optimization + SEO Retainer
      • Launchpad Website
      • Communication Hub Website

Digital Diagnostic Scoping Audit [IN PROCESS DEVELOPMENT MAY 2021]

The Growth Team should request a Scoping Audit when:

  • Proposed services may include: Website
  • Customer type is: ?


1. Requestor identifies need to have a scoping audit run.

2. Requestor collects the following information from prospect: 

  • Company name and client-confirmed URLs of website(s) 
  • Their request for TSL services
  • Any expectations of the following requirements
    • Website:
      • Number of new pages
      • Number of total pages for new site
      • Special functionality
  • Digital properties access
    • LinkedIn advertising account - [? specific level ?]
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Search Console
    • Website access - [? specific level ?]

2. Requestor alerts resources of need for scoping audit and provides above information as well as:

  • Growth strategist's recommendations for TSL areas of support (confirm or note if different/cross-sell and upsell ops)

3. [Someone?] receives request for scoping audit and assigns to SMEs in Clarizen using a template [name]. They confirm expected timeline for completion and book subsequent internal review meeting between Growth Strategist and SMEs.

4. On assigned date, resources review their areas of expertise, looking for the following insights:

  • Developer:
    • Is site is in Wordpress:
      • Is the site built in a way that we can build new pages and landing pages?
  • SEO manager:
    • Is site is in Wordpress:
      • Is the site built in a way that we can optimize?
  • UX/CRO:
    • x
  • Advertising manager?:
    • x

5. The output format Deliverable/output format? Internal purpose document and commentary vs. client facing?


Complimentary Audits

Sales and marketing team members can use RavenTools to produce a high-level SEO report that is suitable for the free/complimentary audit offering. The process to do so is shown below.