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Full Work Week Time Entry

Presentation Slides from February 2020 linked here.

As of February 2020 all delivery managers and digital production internal customers are expected to log Clarizen timesheet entries for 100% of all billable and all non-billable work contributions (excluding paid and unpaid lunch and other break times). Timesheet entries will be compared to Capacity (working hours) via personal Clarizen work calendar.

  • This means that if the internal customer was scheduled to work an 8-hour day, there must be at least 8 hours of time logged for that day. If the internal customer was scheduled to work 5 8-hour work days in a week, there must be at least 40 hours of time logged for that week. If more time was worked beyond an 8-hour work day or 40-hour work week, the additional time should be logged so we have a full snapshot of time across projects.



Definitions of Billable and Non-Billable Time

Billable project work should be attributed to customer projects when possible. Resources performing work on a customer project should check that they are assigned task(s) for the work requested, and if they are not, should request them from that project's manager.

Non-Billable internal work should be attributed to pre-assigned tasks as described below. 

Project in Clarizen Does Include Does NOT Include
Customer Project (Billable)

When a resource is adding value to a customer engagement, their time should be logged against the related project in Clarizen. Project activities that are considered billable:

  • Internal meetings, calls, or chats to plan, perform, or review work or deliverables
  • Customer communication by phone, email, in person (prep, meeting time, follow-up) for any resource or manager
  • Communication with BDTM: training, discussion of leads or appointment-setting
  • Production task completion, including research, planning, or deliverable creation
  • Administration such as Clarizen project setup, schedule management and updating, Budget & Expense management, reviewing customer feedback
  • PQM adding value as a SME
  • Red flag resolution in order to increase efficiency/speed of delivery/quality on the project
  • PQM giving mentorship on job functions/skills, providing work quality oversight

Customer Project


  • PQM giving PM mentorship/quality oversight (log on "CJ PQM (Non-Billable)" project template
  • QBR prep and report meetings

TSL External Marketing Projects


  • TSL Marketing initiatives (website, content, social media management, planning meetings, project management)



  • Communication with internal team members about work process, task time requirements, task resource assignments, or non-project specific internal matters
  • Payroll review and approvals
  • Personal workload organization
  • Emails
  • Campaign reassignment or short-term coverage planning
  • Personal timesheet entry
  • Communication or organization that can be attributed to customer projects



  • New employee onboarding or ongoing skill development/coaching/enablement
  • Non project-specific training (whether you are doing the coaching or receiving the coaching)
  • Subject Matter training
  • Giving mentorship on job functions/skills, providing work quality oversight (ex. PQM support)
  • Personal development and growth activities

  • BDTM customer/campaign specific training (should be logged under customer project management)

Company Meetings & Strategy


  • Executive and Directors’ meetings, communication, reporting, and planning time for business operations strategy and growth
  • Digital Resource Planning meeting
  • CJ Experience Sharing meeting
  • Production Weekly Project Review
  • Content Strategy Meeting
  • Company Huddle
  • Other meetings that cannot be attributed to one customer engagement
  • Process improvement efforts

Sales Support


  • Consulting with Sales rep or PM for new project Proposals/SOWs, recommending pricing and/or strategy



How to Enter Time in Timesheets


You can see how many hours you have logged in a given day or week by referencing the Timesheet module View named "Active and Complete Tasks with Time Logged". The time entry grid header will display the current sum of logged time per day and the week for the selected timeframe.

The key metric "Percent of Work Hours Logged" is what will be reviewed each week to see where the team stands toward the 100% goal. Report:

This figure is calculated as ("Actual Approved" / "Capacity") X 100 where "Actual Approved" is the sum of all billable and non-billable time logged, and "Capacity" is work day hours minus any personal calendar PTO blocks as entered below.

  • For example, a typical week is 40 hours. If someone took one 8-hour work day of PTO that week and blocked their calendar, their Capacity would be 32 hours. They would be responsible for logging 32 hours for that week.They should not log a timesheet entry for the 8 hours of PTO taken.



Using Your Clarizen Calendar to Show Personal Capacity

Each Clarizen user is responsible for keeping their system calendar up to date with partial and full PTO per the steps below. TSL company-wide holidays will be blocked off on everyone's behalf by the system admin. 



Task Management: Day Ahead Checkpoint Process

  • If we follow the approaches to task management as described below, we will control the amount of time we spend on these action items. This allows us to maximize our time and energy on creative production and client management.
  • Managers and Production must follow these processes during the final 30 minutes of the work day.

Manager and Production Resource Task Management Processes: View Slides Here

Video explanation of processes:



Troubleshooting Time Entry

If you logged an incorrect amount of time on a task you will need to take following steps to correct.

  1. Is task still Active?
    • If no, go to Step 2
    • If yes, go to Step 3
  2. Contact the project manager of the task and request that they mark the task as Active so you can edit the entry. Provide the direct link to the task.
  3. Navigate to Clarizen Timesheets module
  4. Change View to "Active and Complete Tasks with Time Logged"
  5. Change date range filter to the week during which you reported the time
  6. Double-click the time entry in the weekly timesheet grid (it will have a green check to the right of it)
  7. Enter the correct amount of time
  8. Hit the "Enter" or "Return" key on your keyboard to save the entry
  9. Update the "Remaining Effort" field with time left to complete (Zero if completed, estimated time remaining if not complete).

Clarizen Time Entry Revise Time Logged


If you logged time under the incorrect date / week in the timesheet, here is how the system administrator can correct the entries.