Emails, Landing Pages, Thank You Pages, Thank You Emails

Marketing Best Practices

  • If a Landing Page has a form that will be filled out be sure to consider the following two items:
    • Required: Thank You Page (TYP) - The TYP gives us a place to track conversions. We should not simply show a "Thank You/Success" message on the original Landing Page (called an "inline thank you").
    • Optional: Thank You Email (TYE) - The TYE is a best practice and serves as a follow-up reminder to the user that they submitted information to the company. A TYE should be created and setup when possible. This establishes familiarity, which is important because we will likely follow up with them via phone as part of a paired outbound service.
  • It's helpful to have "social titles" built out in concert with the landing pages so we have "banners" to use in the potential future promotion of the message. 
  • If a client purchases an email and a landing page, in theory, we should have access to all of those levers. 


LP Build Options

  • If customer has HubSpot, attempt to use this platform first and foremost
  • If customer has HubSpot but their subscription doesn't include LPs, host LPs on Unbounce
  • If customer does not have HubSpot:
    • Host LP on client's Wordpress website if they use that for their website OR
    • Host LPs on Unbounce


Email Build Options

  • If customer has Hubspot or other Marketing Automation Platform, this is preferred
  • If customer does not use a MAP and does not have any other email system in place, setup a MailChimp account for client to use


Using Unbounce

  • Unbounce is best used for one-off campaign or surveys and is not a long-term solution for ongoing marketing work
  • Must start by setting up a subdomain on Unbounce. Refer to Process Page: Creating a Subdomain.
  • If building in Unbounce, we do not need to assign a designer's time or produce a .jpg design comp.
  • We only need to provide the strategist with fonts, font size, logo files, and image elements in .png format.


Project Request for Landing Page, Email, Thank You Page, Thank You Email

  • If TSL is only completing builds using client-provided content, download this form and send to customer OR fill out with them on a call to ensure we have all necessary details.
  • If TSL is handling the copy and/or design as well as builds, refer to the project request template below for planning. This should be transferred to the Clarizen discussion post with details.


  • Content to refer to as a resource for messaging
  • Content piece or reference info to include as a link within copy
  • CTA information: What will be offered or what is the desired action?
  • For survey campaigns:
    • What are the terms and conditions for this survey and its responders?
  • Design - If custom design is needed:
    • Link to existing pages to look to for inspiration
    • Image types to use or avoid
  • Design
    • Which logos should we include?

Build: General

BEFORE REQUESTING A NEW LANDING PAGE, PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM to make sure the developer or strategist has all the required information up front. 

  • Location (HubSpot, Unbounce, Other):
  • HubSpot Portal ID (If applicable):
  • Unbounce Subdomain (If applicable):
  • Internal Page Name:
  • Landing Page Template or Page to Clone:
  • Submission Date of Build Request:
  • Required Due Date of FINALIZED content:
  • Campaign Name:
  • Required Workflows (What automation is required?): 

Build: Landing Page

  • Page Title:
  • Meta Description:
  • Page URL:
  • Form Title:
  • Required Form Fields:
  • Block Free Email Addresses? (Yes or No): 
  • Email(s) address(es) to receive form submission notifications:
  • Email to be assigned Contact Owner of the responder in HubSpot:

Build: Thank You Page

  • Thank You Page Internal Name:
  • Thank You Page Template:
  • Thank You Page Title: 
  • Thank You Page URL: 

Build: Thank You Email

  • Thank You Email Platform (MailChimp, HubSpot, etc):
  • Thank You Email Internal Name:
  • Thank You Email Template:
  • Thank You Email Subscription Type (Marketing Info, etc):
  • Thank You Email Sender Name:
  • Thank You Email Sender Email:
  • Thank You Email Subject Line:

Build: Email

  • Email Platform (MailChimp, HubSpot, etc):
  • Email Internal Name:
  • Email Template:
  • Email Subscription Type (Marketing Info, etc):
  • Email Sender Name:
  • Email Sender Email:
  • Email Subject Line: