Creating a Performance Review in ADP


Performance Review Expectations:

  • Customer Journey Managers must complete monthly performance reviews for all BDTM who report to them (regardless of their standing).
  • All Directors and others with non-BDTM direct reports must complete quarterly performance reviews.
  • All performance reviews must be created and documented in ADP following the process below.
  • All performance reviews must be "Acknowledged" in ADP by the internal customer receiving the review, by following this process: 



  1. Log into ADP 
  2. Click on “My Team”   
  3. Click on “Talent”  
  4. Click on “Performance Reviews”   
  5. Click on “Current Reviews” 
  6. Select the appropriate internal customer
  7. Click “Schedule New Review” button 
  8. Select a Policy based on the role of the internal customer and review frequency. 
    • For BDTM, choose “BD Performance Review” 
    • For Customer Journey and Projects managers, choose “Quarterly Review – Management" 
    • For Sales, choose “Quarterly Review – Sales" 
    • For Digital/Creative, choose “Quarterly Review - Digital/Creative” 
    • For all other roles, choose “General Review” 
  9. Select the “Review Date” and “Due Date” that corresponds with the date on which you scheduled the verbal review meeting with the internal customer (they will be the same date). 
  10. Select the “Review Period Start Date” and “Review Period End Date” that indicate the timeframe by which the internal customer’s performance is being evaluated. 
  11. Click the “Save” button. You will see a banner that shows “Update successful”. 
  12. Click the “Return to List” button and you will see the newly scheduled review under the “Current Reviews” tab. 
  13. Find the correct internal customer and review in the list. You may use the “Filter By” drop down menus to sort results if needed. A review that needs to be filled out will have a Status of “Not Started”. 
  14. Click the corresponding blue arrow under the “Action” column. 
  15. Click “Start Review” 
  16. Fill in all fields and text boxes with performance information as described in the template. 
  17. Click “Save” at any point to save your content. Click “Save and Continue Later” if you want to save your content and navigate away from ADP. 
  18. When you have entered all information, click the “Submit Review” button. You will receive an email from ADP saying your review was sent to the internal customer. 
  19. The internal customer must "Acknowledge" their performance review in ADP to complete the review process.

adp performance review photo 2