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  • Amazon Gift Card display guidelines (For use in survey campaign promotional images)
  • TSL's Hubspot Agency Partner "Platinum Tier" promotion
  • IBM
    • IBM Business Partner (BP) Brand Guidelines (2020)
    • Silver BP Logo
    • Gold BP Logo
    • Platinum BP Logo
      The IBM Business Partner marks form an integrated system that enables you to visually demonstrate the breadth and depth of your relationships with IBM and your specific achievements and expertise. The system has two major components: the base mark, which includes your membership level, and the achievements, which show particular competencies,  authorizations, awards, and other achievements your company has earned.


      The mark is available to the following membership levels: 

      • Platinum
      • Gold
      • Silver


      Specialized marks are available for: 

      • Approved Marketplace
      • Distributors
      • Business Partner Innovation Center (North America)


      Link to Mark Generator Tool (to be used by Partners to generate their own marks): https://bpmg.partnerworld.ibm.com/sales/gss/bpmg/


      Use of IBM logo

      Rather than use the IBM 8-bar logo, eligible Business Partners should use the IBM Business Partner mark which was developed specifically to indicate a special relationship with those who recommend and support IBM products and technologies. The mark contains the IBM logo, but clearly states “Business Partner.”  In special cases, an IBMer may request the logo for use by a Business Partner.

      In addition, "IBM" cannot be used in a domain name.


      Link to logo request tool (to be used by Partners if they want to request usage of IBM 8-bar logo): https://prdpcrhibmbl01.w3-969.ibm.com/marketing/logotool/logotool.nsf/BrandinglogoHome?OpenForm