Project Kickoff & Activation Calls

What takes place after a project is transferred from Sales to Delivery?


Include the following content in the body of the External Kickoff Call calendar meeting invitation: 

During this kickoff call we will review the following agenda items:

  • Introductions of each team and roles in our project
  • Review the TSL Statement of Work
  • Next steps and action items


Internal Kickoff Call Agenda

Purpose: Sales handoff of project to the assigned Project Lead and/or Customer Journey manager.

Reference the Sales Discovery document(s) provided by the Sales owner.

Account Background

  • Company overview
  • Have we completed a campaign with the customer recently, or are there any campaigns in market now?
  • What was the customer's experience like, who managed, what projects did we complete?

Campaign Background

  • Who was involved in consulting or planning this campaign thus far?
  • Will there be expectations to complete work within a certain timeframe?
  • Review specific scope details, budget, expenses.
  • What are the customer's goals and expectations about results?

 Kickoff Planning:

  • Customer Stakeholders:
    • Who are the points-of-contact for day-to-day campaign communication? Review names and roles.
    • Who is the customer's boss?
    • Who will make decisions about project timeline?
    • Who will be directly responsible for approvals?
    • Who are the reviewers/stakeholders involved in the decision-making process?
  • TSL Team:
    • Who will manage the project?
    • Who will be a customer-facing Subject Matter Expert?
    • Who will support with execution of work? Should they attend the kickoff call?
  • Agenda:
    • Are there any non-standard agenda topics that need to be discussed?
    • Confirm TSL attendees' roles on the call
    • Confirm availability for kickoff call. Sales sends calendar meeting invitation



External/Client Kickoff Call Guide


  • "Who do we have on the line from the [CUSTOMER] team?" [Write down their names for follow-up email] 
  • Quick mention of all TSL members present on the call:
    • "From the TSL team we have myself, [NAME], [NAME], [NAME]." 
  • "It’s great to meet all of you. Again, I'm [FIRST], and my role as the Project Lead is to coordinate project needs between our teams, share updates about our progress, and address questions that may come up along the way." 
  • "Next from the TSL team is [NAME], who will be our [ROLE] on the project. S/he handles [RESPONSIBILIES]." 
  • "We'd like to get a better understanding of you and your team's roles and how we'll work together. Can you share details there?" 
  • If not answered, confirm:
    • “Who will be TSL's main point(s) of contact?” 
    • “Who will be responsible for collecting and sharing consolidated feedback with me to pass on to the project team?” 
    • “Who are the stakeholders who should review deliverables and provide feedback?” 
    • “Who is our final decision maker/approver?” 

Overview of Statement of Work

  • "Let's take a few minutes to review what's included in this project." 
  • Name each service included in the Statement of Work, and pricing for each line item.
  • "I'll pause here to see if there are any questions so far."

Our Goals and Process

Speak to sections noted on service pages:

Requests for Access and Resources

Make requests as noted on service pages:

Schedule Checkpoints

  • "We'd like to set up a weekly checkpoint meeting to review progress, and discuss feedback and what's next. Let's open our calendars and find a time that works best. How does [DAY OF WEEK] at [TIME / TIME ZONE] work for you?" [Write down agreed upon date and time]

Review Action Items

  • "Here are our action items: I will send out our checkpoint calendar invite shortly. I will email a recap of items discussed on this call along with my contact information. I will schedule our project and we'll begin the SEO assessment." 
  • Mention action items the customer must complete, including digital access (if not completed on call)
  • "Are there any questions that I can answer about anything covered here or our next steps?"
  • “That’s all we need to cover today. I look forward to working with you on this project! Have a great day.”