Customer Journey/OI Progress Report


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Progress Report

The Customer Journey/OI Progress Report is used to update our customer on their campaign progress. The report is created by the Customer Journey Manager before any checkpoint call with client, which can occur weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. The completed document is sent a maximum of 2 hours or minimum of 15 minutes before the checkpoint call, unless the customer specifies other preferences. The data included in the report is exported from VanillaSoft.

Initial Creation of Progress Report

Process is shown in the video below and steps follow.


  1. Download the Progress Report Template linked below based on the campaign type.
  2. If the campaign is an Explorer (hourly/pass-based) campaign, delete the “Performance Dashboard Scout” tab. If the campaign is a Scout (SQL guarantee campaign), delete the “Performance Dashboard Explorer” tab. 
  3. Go to the “Data from CRM” tab on the template document.  
  4. In VanillaSoft, choose the project where the campaign is. 
  5. Go to “Reports”. 
  6. Choose “Final Data Export”. 
  7. Use the filter to choose campaign. 
  8. Click “Run Report”.  
  9. Click “Export to Excel”.  
  10. Open the downloaded raw data document.   
  11. In the raw data document, put a filter on the first row.  
  12. Look under the “new contact” column and filter out blank cells and highlight the contacts. 
    1. In the bottom left corner, you will see the count of all the new contacts.  
  13. On the dashboard sheet of the template document under “Initial Contact Count”, place that number of the contact count from the raw data sheet. 
  14. Go back to the raw data report and select all the data.  
  15. Under the "Data" menu at the top, click “Remove Duplicates”. 
  16. Unselect all, just select company, then click "OK". 
  17. A pop up will appear with the count of unique accounts. Place on “Initial Number of Accounts” on the dashboard tab in the template. 


Weekly Creation of Progress Report

  1. Go to VanillaSoft, choose the project in which the campaign is located. 
  2. Click “Reports on the left sidebar.  
  3. Click on “Weekly Raw Data Report”. 
  4. On the drop-down menu, filter for team names and click on your campaign. 
  5. Click “Run Report”. 
  6. Export to excel and open the document.  
  7. Starting in cell B2 of the downloaded document, highlight the rest of the data and copy it. 
  8. In cell A2 on the “Data from the CRM tab in the Template document, paste the information. 
  9. Right click the “Data from the CRM tab and click hide. 
  10. Go to “Opportunity Tracker tab.  
  11. Go back to VanillaSoft and choose the project in which the campaign is located. 
  12. Go to “Reports, and choose the option based on campaign customer or format as follows.
    • IBM Campaign: "Weekly Leads for Progress Reports - IBM Campaign"
      • This is in the TSL Marketing 2018-2021 project and should be used when the funding source is IBM direct or IBM co-marketing funds
    • Non-IBM Campaign: "Weekly Leads for Progress Reports - nonIBM Campaign"
      • This is in the TSL Marketing 2018-2021 project and should be used when funding is through an entity other than IBM or TechData AND it isn't a responder campaign NOT does it need Cisco MLUT reporting
    • Tech Data Campaign: "Weekly Leads for Progress Reports - non IBM Campaign"
      • This is in the TSL Marketing 2018-2021 project and should be used when the funding is from Tech Data and we need to do lead entry through DC Leads with Tech Data
    • Cisco Campaign: "Weekly Cisco Report - Opportunity Tracker"
      • This is in the TSL Marketing 2018-2021 project and should be used when it it is a Cisco campaign and we need to do weekly MLUT reporting
    • Responder Campaign: "Weekly Leads"
      • This is in the Responder project and should be used when we are getting responders from Hubspot and either doing the follow up calling into them in VanillaSoft or when we are only entering these into VanillaSoft after we did the calling in Hubspot and have gotten an SAL
  13. Click on the drop-down menu for “Team and select the campaign. 
  14. Click “Run Report and export to excel. 
  15. Select all data starting from B2 in the downloaded document and copy it. 
  16. Paste it in the “Opportunity Tracker tab in the template document in cell A2. 
  17. Right click on the sheet, click “Format, then “Row Height and set it to 15 to see all data on the page.  
  18. Double check everything in column B and in the facilitation notes.
  19. Open Microsoft Teams and search for the related Customer team. 
  20. Expand the Channel listing and click on the transfer number related to the campaign.
  21. Click "Files", and click through the file folders "Administrative" then "Progress Reports".
  22. Upload the document to the "Progress Reports" folder.
  23. Send the completed document to the business partner via email, a maximum of 2 hours or minimum of 15 minutes prior to the checkpoint call, unless the client specifies other preferences.


Opportunity Identification Tollgate Report

PM is to complete this tollgate report on guaranteed lead campaigns that have 0 leads after 2 weeks of calling or after 40 hours have been logged.

  1. Download report template
  2. Fill in metrics per your progress report analysis
  3. Email to Chris K. and Lauren L. for review to determine what improvements can be made to increase lead output.
  4. Update PowerPoint slides with recommendations
  5. Present information to the customer on checkpoint call and confirm next steps
  6. Implement agreed-upon recommendations