Websites and UX/CRO Services

Our Approach

  • View TSL's Agile Methodology PowerPoint Deck for more information about our approach and process.
  • View TSL's UX and CRO Basics for Internal Training PowerPoint Deck and watch video below



Our Services

  • TSL's Website UX/CRO service packages are outlined here: 
  • Battlecard for Sales (internal)
  • Sell Sheet for customers
  • TSL developers and strategists only work within Wordpress or Hubspot for full website coding, new page additions, and existing site layout adjustments. We do not have capabilities in proprietary platforms (ex. Octane). We may be able to support a customer using another website platform, for an ad hoc request, if we send the work to an Alliance Partner. However, we should consider that this may not be a long-term retainer partnership solution due to budget constraints. Any project proposals for a customer using another platform should be reviewed with the UX Director Norma Shepardson and Web Developer Noah Armstrong.


Examples of Our Websites


Communication Hub and Launchpad Website Process & Sample Production Work

For a detailed review of the Launchpad project phases, meetings, and deliverables, listen to this recording and view the Clarizen project plan.

The following are examples of customer-facing materials and outputs throughout the process.

Continuous Improvement Phase: Website Optimization UX/CRO Service

Process & Sample Production Work

Example of Before & After UX/CRO Improvements:


Website Optimization Process & Sample Production Work

  • We begin the retainer with the initial audit (PDF). The initial audit is done not only to establish a baseline of where the customer is at today, but also to give us a checklist of priority items to focus on as we dive into optimizing the site.
  • The audit turns into a wishlist that allows us to prioritize our efforts as ‘critical fixes’ all the way down to ‘nice to have.’ We place focus on fixing anything that’s causing harm to the site or creating frustration for users, then move onto less critical updates from there.
  • Retainers include regular check-ins with the dedicated manager and the relevant SEO/UX/CRO experts.
  • We hold a review with the customer of recommended updates and get approval/align with their own team’s priorities before making changes.
  • The Audits/Wishlist are a starting point. TSL will continue to evolve our recommendations during the course of our partnership
  • Hours are spent monthly on the identified fixes/updates per the Audit & Wishlist. The breakdown of how hours are used will be customized based on customers’ unique needs. Members of our team who will be assigned hours monthly could include the following:
    • VP, Marketing
    • Sr. Director, User Experience
    • Senior SEO Manager
    • Graphic Design & UX Manager
    • Sr. Copywriter
    • Sr. Editor
    • Sr. Developer
    • Digital Marketing Manager
    • Project Manager