B2B Technology companies have unique needs that set them apart. Our strategic website and content offerings are based upon years of experience working with thousands of B2B Technology customers.

TSL has a website formula that starts with a strong foundation for continued content strategy. Our focus on building your Communication Hub Website with a follow-up phase of our Web Content Retainer + SEO Foundations allows for the quickest website launch timeline possible.

Ready to Rebuild Your B2B IT Website?

Whether you’re an MSP, MSSP, CSP, SaaS company or Solution Provider, we have a website package to help you grow.


B2B Tech Website Design Services

TSL's Flagship Website B2B IT Product
Define Website Goals
Primary Offer Workshop
Branding & UX Workshop
Website Styleboard
SEO Audit
Site Map & Navigation
12 Pages of Content
Offer Page Creation
Full Development & Migration Services
Hosting Advice
Technical QA & Responsive Testing
SEO Redirects
Wrap-Up Call & 1H Platform Training
Starting at $35,000
Get Your Site Setup for the Content Retainer
2 Website Pillar Pages
1 Offer Page w/Form
Homepage Refresh (Optional)
One-Time Varied Cost
Web Content Retainer
A website content plan that will help get users TO and THROUGH your site
Dedicated Project Manager
Quarterly Progress Checkpoint
Website Style Board
Content & Technical Audit
6 Website Pages
3 Offer Pages w/ Forms
12 Blog Articles
Starting at $4,000/mo
This service adds deeper strategic planning, implementation, and analysis as we create content and improve your website.
CTA Evaluation, Creation, Updates
On-Page Edits
Dev Support
SEO Foundations Retainer
We will develop a plan that integrates proven tools alongside a sound SEO strategy
SEO Audit
Monthly Google Reporting
Technical Fixes
Ongoing Monitoring
Local Strategy
Content Strategy

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire an agency to build my website?

Hiring an agency specialized in B2B Technology will allow you to add to your marketing team without hiring a full-time position. An agency will create your website using industry best practices such as:

  • Copy optimized for your SEO strategy
  • Best website health score
  • Optimized images to increase page speed
  • CTAs and button placement to increase conversions and customer retention
  • Device responsiveness
  • Testing and QA phases
  • Hands-on training and expert guidance
What is an offer page?

An offer page is otherwise known as a landing page or conversion page. This page will have a targeted form built to help users who are ready to convert take the next step of getting in touch with your Team. Offer pages created by TSL follow a specific formula. They must:

  • Demonstrate clear value to the user
  • Explain what is going to happen 'next' after filling out the form
  • Provide trust signals to the user 
  • Use a form that provides high-level qualification fields
  • Allow the user to continue their research on the site if they so choose
How long will it take to build my new website?

Our flagship Communication Hub product is designed to have your website live within 90-120 days from kickoff. This timeline can vary depending on client responsiveness, holidays, and time away from the office, but we know that getting your new site launched as quickly as possible is of critical importance. Our specialized team of Project  Managers are focused on keeping your website progressing forward and on deadline.

Is it good to have a website for your business?

Having a website dedicated to your business is a critical step for giving your customers and prospects the best possible user experience. Your business website can accomplish the following and more:

  • Attract new customers
  • Foster the growth of existing customers
  • Provide thought leadership content 
  • Establish that your company is a proven expert in your field
  • Build trust in your brand
  • Convert leads through online forms
  • Promote your services, products, and solutions
  • Showcase your expertise and the depth of knowledge that your team provides
  • Share events, resources, and other company news
How often should I redo my website?

Your B2B Tech website should be considered an always-on marketing hub. To keep your website up-to-date, it's important that you have a content roadmap in place so that you know what's coming and what to plan for.  Some of the components involved in keeping your website up-to-date include:

  • Content planning and roadmap
  • B2B IT SEO Strategy & Retainer
  • A Web Content Retainer for your site to ensure the addition of new website pages, blogs, and updates to existing pages including the Homepage
  • Driving traffic to your site via organic and paid search
  • CTA and CRO strategy to keep users moving through your site and discovering content


  • "TSL’s approach to optimizing our website for growth was seamless and easy for our team from start to finish. Their ability to lead and guide us through our website transformation was incredibly simple and organized. I love the finished design and appreciate their approach to continuous improvement of the site instead of delivering a finished product that needs to be redone in a few more years."

    -Kimberly Fry, Director of Marketing & Events – ProActive Solutions
  • "We are blown away by the number of quality leads coming in! Since partnering with TSL on our website optimization and paid search efforts, we consistently receive high-quality leads every month."

    -Jill Rose, Marketing Manager of DP Solutions
  • "The new website is exactly what I was looking for. My experience with the TSL team is perfect, as always!"

    -Former President of QAD CEBOS


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