Whiteboard and Cartoon Video Production

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TSL partners with The Draw Shop (TDS) to produce whiteboard and cartoon animated style videos for our customers. TSL's project manager serves as liaison between The Draw Shop and the TSL customer. Our goal is to ensure timely review and response from the customer in order for the project to stay on track.


This video content is meant to be informative and captivating to inspire a call to action with the audience. The video production agreement includes storyboarding, scripting, voiceover, and final video creation. The customer owns the rights to the final video file and can upload and distribute however they wish. TSL offers videos in 1, 2, 3, and 4-minute durations, though shorter 1-2 minute videos are recommended. 


  • There is a pricing calculator attached on this page to understand all options and related fees to discuss budget and video requests with the customer. 
  • All creative services are provided by The Draw Shop, unless otherwise specified and arranged. TDS fees are not reduced when TSL completes any portion of the work. It is not recommended to offer for TSL or the customer to take on any portion of the creative work.
  • To kick off a standard project, TDS requires 50% payment upfront. Rush request videos require 100% payment upfront. TDS will not begin production of the storyboard, script, etc. without receipt of payment.
  • From the completion of the creative brief, typical time to project completion for whiteboard videos runs approximately 4 weeks, and turnaround time for cartoon videos runs 4-6 weeks. Whiteboard videos can be expedited to 1, 2, or 3-week turnaround, while cartoon videos can only be expedited/guaranteed for 4-week turnaround. 


Listed below are examples of both video styles. Currently, TSL does not have any customer examples of the cartoon style videos. 

Whiteboard style: 

Customer Topic Video
Jeskell   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgagsWxZbBY 
Paradigm Technology   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMLKzJ-oLmw 
Corus360   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjSAmcRlsto 
COINS   https://vimeo.com/192492731 
Pluris   http://www.plurismarketing.com/?wvideo=qtx999w289 
PEAK Resources Converged Core https://youtu.be/Mpf6jfhODFs 
Mainline Information Systems Cloud Strategy https://vimeo.com/246088509 
Mainline Information Systems IT Security Assessment https://vimeo.com/246458050 
Mainline Information Systems Open Data Analytics https://vimeo.com/246509005 
Mainline Information Systems Business Analytics Strategy https://vimeo.com/246470980 

Cartoon style: 

Imagine Experience  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sm79c4y8LIg 
Identity Theft Resource Center https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JE1h3N1RD4
Evo Turf https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1948700128747042 

Process to kick off and manage a video in partnership with The Draw Shop is below. Resources:

Step Owner Time Action
1 Project Manager   Meet with customer to discuss needs and intentions for the video(s).
2 Project Manager   Review the Pricing Calculator file to understand scope, add-ons, and fees. Discuss all options with your customer so that you know exactly which elements they want included in their video before contacting TDS. This will allow TDS to provide you with the initial invoice so TSL can remit payment to move forward with kickoff. 
3 Project Manager   Draft an email to Rose Guangorenarose@thedrawshop.com with request to kick off a new video project. The email must include details below.

Hello Rose,

This is [NAME], a PM with TSL Marketing. We have another project to work with you on, for our customer [COMPANY]. Project details are as follows:

  • [1, 2, 3, 4] minute video in the [whiteboard OR cartoon] style, on the topic of [TOPIC].
  • Aside from video, the customer would like [ADD-ONS: Music, sound effects, additional voiceover actor, voiceover with accent]

Please send a quote for the project and the initial invoice, and I will open the PO to process payment.

4 Project Manager   Receive project invoice from TDS. Payment terms are Net 14 for deposit (half up front) the remainder net 60.
5 Project Manager   Submit invoice to TSL Finance.
6 Project Manager   Upon request, TSL Finance can provide check date, check number, and dollar amount as proof for TDS to get the project started prior to receipt of payment.
7 Project Manager   Download and fill out the file The Draw Shop Video Creative Brief. Complete as much information as possible to prepare for the customer intake call. 
8 Project Manager   Hold customer intake call and review all remaining questions on the Creative Brief. Take notes in the Creative Brief document. If a cartoon video, review "The Draw Shop's Cartoon Video Style Catalog" and have the customer select the number(s) of styles that they would like used in their video.
9 Project Manager    Email the completed brief to TDS for review. If a cartoon style video, include the customer's style selections.
10 The Draw Shop   Creative brief is reviewed and team is assigned to the project. They will set up the project in their Basecamp system and provide updates when deliverables are available for review. From the completion of the creative brief, typical time to project completion runs approximately 4 weeks. 
11 Project Manager    Plan the schedule for any distribution tactics TSL is responsible for (ex. LinkedIn advertising). Be sure to have any TSL to-do lists fall in sync with The Draw Shop production timelines.
12 Project Manager   Receive final invoice from TDS and forward to TSL Finance for payment. Once funds are released (usually within 5 business days) you will receive the final video file.
13 Project Manager   Send final video file to customer. 


Notes to update page, from KP 2/11/21:

  • Cartoon video process has changed. TDS has added another document for client review, the Visual Script, which is provided after the script, and before the black and white stick figure storyboard. The rationale is that TDS wants the customer to confirm if the ideas for the art fall in line with the vision for the concept being presented. This is to avoid scenarios where the customer doesn't like a certain industry or visualization that is being presented. Example can be viewed here.