File Management Process


TSL uses Sharepoint to store, manage, and collaborate on all files, including those for internal and customer projects. This process outlines how to create/upload files, and post to Clarizen and/or alert users for review.

Step # Owner  Time Action
1  Internal Customer  0.15

Navigate to the SharePoint folder where you want to create or upload a file

  • If creating a new file, go to step #2
  • If uploading a file from another location, go to step #5

2  Internal Customer  0.15 Click the “New” button and select the necessary file type from the menu
3  Internal Customer  0.5 Rename the file by clicking the default “Document” text in the browser heading. Type in file name per the File Naming Convention Guide.
4  Internal Customer  Varies Perform work within web browser. Go to Step #9.
5  Internal Customer  0.10 Click the “Upload” button. If given a drop-down menu, select “Files”.
6  Internal Customer  0.5 In the “Open” pop-up window, search for and select the file from its original location
7  Internal Customer  0.10 Click the “Open” button
8  Internal Customer  0.10 Is file ready for use?
  • If YES, go to step #9
  • If NO, go to step #4
9  Internal Customer  0.10 Do Delivery Team Internal Customers need immediate notification of file’s status or location?
  • If YES, go to step #10
  • If NO, go to END
10  Internal Customer  1 Navigate to the specific Clarizen subproject that the file relates to.
11  Internal Customer  0.5 Navigate to the Discussions panel on the subproject and locate the latest Discussion post (manager’s initial project request or an existing production team member post).
12  Internal Customer  0.10 If replying to an existing Discussion post, click the blue “Reply” button. If creating a new Discussion post, click in the text editor box where “Start a Discussion” appears.
13  Internal Customer  1 Write a post with:
  • Clear comments about the file type and round or version (for example, “Here is the eBook Copy R1 QA for revision”).
  • @ mentions of the Project Lead, deliverable reviewers/those who need to be informed, and the resource(s) who have the next tasks on the project.
14  Internal Customer  0.10 Click the “Add Related” blue text below the text editor box
15  Internal Customer  0.10 Click the “Files” icon option
16  Internal Customer  0.10 Click the “SharePoint” option
17  Internal Customer  0.10 Click the “Browse” button
18  Internal Customer  0.5 Click the [+] buttons to expand the folders and locate the related file
19  Internal Customer  0.10 Click the related file so the corresponding radio button is filled in
20  Internal Customer  0.10 Click the “OK” button
21  Internal Customer  0.10 Click the “Save” button. The file shortcut is now attached to the Discussion post.
22  Internal Customer  0.10 Click the “Reply” or “Post” button. Your message with file has been posted and a corresponding email alert has been sent to all included in mentions.