How TSL Helped
Fairbanks Morse
Promote Its Mission

“Everyone did an amazing job and made everything look flawless, when I know there was a ton of activities going on behind the scenes. Very professionally done and managed.”

–Kimberly Getgen, VP Sales and Marketing – Fairbanks Morse

[ The Challenge ]

Fairbanks Morse, a historic marine engine and power generation company, wanted to create an emotional connection between the business, its products, and its customers.

Fairbanks Morse is 125 years old and wanted to use the website to maintain a connection to its history while rebranding itself as a modern company with a new, forward-looking mission. The company wanted its website to reflect a shift in emphasis from marine apps to power generation and its mission to “power the world forward.”

The company is dedicating itself to making energy accessible to disaster-struck or impoverished countries, as well as the Navy and the Coast Guard. Fairbanks Morse engines generate enough energy to power a small country in a time of crisis. The company’s engines are also instrumental in transporting our troops, “bringing the boys home.”

[ The Solution ]

Kim Getgen, VP Sales and Marketing at Fairbank Morse, had worked with TSL while at her previous position and liked our work so much she sought us out when she moved to Fairbanks Morse. She knew TSL had strong web development capabilities and was an expert at using the HubSpot marketing platform.

Fairbanks Morse wanted to build a HubSpot website because HubSpot has a contextual and personalized marketing platform. The HubSpot platform is also secure, comprehensive, and integrated.


Growth-Driven Design

TSL worked with Fairbanks Morse to revamp its website using growth-driven design. With TSL’s Agile methodology, Fairbanks Morse was able to quickly convert their website from a communications hub to a fully functioning launchpad website. TSL used data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement to optimize the website.

More than 10 subject matter experts at Fairbanks Morse were involved in strategic planning for the website. Involving so many stakeholders in the process led to numerous lengthy meetings used to define the company messaging and audience. Accustomed to working with IT companies, TSL needed to get to know the unique personas Fairbanks Morse had in its audience, such as ship builders.

The new website was launched on July 16, 2018. TSL created a HubSpot site that uses automation to track performance.

The new site showcases the Fairbanks Morse team and how people are central to the organization. Web pages were written to target a specific audience and designed to display imagery that would appeal to key personas. Now, bold, bright images visually tell the story of the values the company stands for, such as safety and integrity. TSL also uploaded multimedia videos to the site.

New content focuses on power generation and the Trident OP, a new product that serves as a differentiator. After the launch, “trident op” rose to the number 1 ranking on Google search.

[ The Benefits ]

Kim became emotional when she saw the new site. She was proud of the work TSL and her team had done to bring the site to life.

While increasing website traffic was not the main goal for Fairbanks Morse, a HubSpot website makes it easier for the company to keep track of website performance metrics through automation. HubSpot tools are easy to use and can be customized and updated. As a result of providing such a great user experience, HubSpot has been voted a best-in-class marketing platform time and time again.



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“I am looking forward to an exciting official launch next week, where we can tell the world about the new Fairbanks Morse!!! Awesome job!”

–Kimberly Getgen, VP Sales and Marketing – Fairbanks Morse

[ About Fairbanks Morse ]


Fairbanks Morse’s mission is to deliver reliable power that helps communities, businesses, and military improve people’s lives and make the world a better, safer place. For over 125 years, Fairbanks Morse has been creating innovative power solutions and will continue to Power the World Forward.

[ About TSL ]


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