How TSL Helped
MAPSYS Generate
Quality Leads

“There are things MAPSYS does well. There are things others can do better. That is why we partner. TSL is one of those partners. Their strength augments our sales processes and teams.”

-Kenneth G. Neff, Vice President – MAPSYS, Inc.

[ The Challenge ]

As an IBM Business Partner, MAPSYS Inc. sells and promotes IBM technologies to clients across the United States. To spread the word about its offerings, the company needed a more robust sales pipeline that expanded beyond its headquarters in Columbus, Ohio.

MAPSYS believed that augmenting its strong lead progression efforts with targeted demand generation could improve sales conversion rates. By partnering with TSL, MAPSYS could focus on its strength of growing pipeline while TSL helped expand reach and uncover new opportunities.


[ The Solution ]

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Over the span of 10 years and 20+ campaigns, TSL ran a series of targeted lead gen efforts to boost the MAPSYS pipeline. We used specific geographical locations in our targeting to hit the company’s sales goals, as well as to obtain business in new areas. We also helped MAPSYS create solution-focused messaging to identify and uncover the specific type of lead it would find beneficial. By learning from each campaign, TSL was able to expand on findings and develop more refined targeting to focus on the MAPSYS ideal customer.


[ The Benefits ]


The MAPSYS sales team was already very skilled at nurturing and progressing deals. With the addition of TSL’s efforts to fill its sales pipeline, the company was able to capitalize on the opportunities presented to them, even just “door-opening” conversations. The benefits of this longstanding partnership between TSL and MAPSYS were made even more evident by the resulting numbers.



Return on Investment (ROI)

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“Prospecting is hard work and TSL helps us be more efficient in doing that hard work.”

-Kenneth G. Neff, Vice President – MAPSYS, Inc.

[ About MAPSYS ]


In the mid-1980s, IBM established the Marketing Assistance Program. The independent businesses in that program were known as MAPs. MAPSYS was founded as an IBM business partner, and the company’s name comes from that original program. Since then, IBM has evolved the program into the Business Partner Program of today. MAPSYS has evolved as well and now represents and supports most of the IBM technology portfolio.

[ About TSL ]


Since our founding 20 years ago as Technology Sales Leads, we have provided sales and marketing services for the information technology industry. From list building and acquisition to inbound and outbound lead generation, the world's top technology companies trust TSL to help plan, develop, and manage their sales and marketing efforts.


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