How TSL Helped Fairbanks Morse Modernize Its Brand







+Year-over-year increases in interactions since the Fairbanks Morse website launch

“Everyone did an amazing job and made everything look flawless, when I know there was a ton of activities going on behind the scenes. Very professionally done and managed.”

Kimberly Getgen, VP Sales and Marketing – Fairbanks Morse

[ The Challenge ]


Fairbanks Morse needed to rebrand itself as a modern company. The business is 125 years old and wanted to come out from under its legacy status. Fairbanks Morse also wanted the website to reflect a shift in emphasis from marine apps to power generation.

The goals for the new website were to:

  • Humanize the brand by showcasing the team
  • Emphasize differentiators, especially the commitment to making energy accessible
  • Highlight the company values
  • Tell a story with images, including video
  • Assert global brand status
  • Make training easily accessible

[ The Solution ]


TSL worked with Fairbanks Morse to revamp its website. The new website was launched on July 16, 2018. TSL created a HubSpot site that uses automation to track performance.

The new site showcases the Fairbanks Morse team and how people are central to the organization. Web pages were written to target a specific audience and designed to display imagery that would appeal to key personas. Now, bold, bright images visually tell the story of the values the company stands for, such as safety and integrity. TSL also uploaded multimedia videos to the site.

The new site reaffirms Fairbanks Morse’s global reach through a Google Map showing facilities all over the world. New content focuses on the Trident OP, a new product that serves as a differentiator. TSL also reorganized resources and created a blog.

Website interactions have increased since the launch, generating:

  • 172,000 impressions
  • 11,400 clicks
  • Lower-than-average bounce rate of 46.9%

Rankings for branded keywords have dramatically risen:

  • Branded keywords have achieved an average ranking of 24
  • “fairbanks morse engine” is up 1,550% with 265 impressions
  • “fairbanks morse pumps” has gone from 0 to 30 users per month

Continued Keywords:

  • “diesel generator” is up 300%
  • “trident op” is ranking at number 1
  • “colt-pielstick” owns every rank on page 1 for Google search

+Keyword ranking changes have occurred over the last 3 months.

[ The Benefits ]


A HubSpot website makes it easier for Fairbanks Morse to keep track of website performance metrics through automation. The new registration for training is much more user friendly and accessible for users.

Website copy includes stories about FM employees, company, and history to humanize the brand. Now users can see how employees are treated as individuals who are given a chance to grow and shine. TSL created a website that is geared toward target personas and portrays Fairbanks Morse as a forward-moving company.

“I am looking forward to an exciting official launch next week, where we can tell the world about the new Fairbanks Morse!!! Awesome job!”

Kimberly Getgen, VP Sales and Marketing – Fairbanks Morse

[ About Fairbanks Morse ]


Fairbanks Morse’s mission is to deliver reliable power that helps communities, businesses, and military improve people’s lives and make the world a better, safer place. For over 125 years, Fairbanks Morse has been creating innovative power solutions and will continue to “Power the World Forward.”

[ About TSL ]


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