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Software as a service companies need to create content that promotes the unique value delivered by their products so they can build authority, win trust, and generate leads.  

TSL Marketing’s content creation team invests time and energy in understanding the products offered by SaaS companies so we can craft content that is optimized to attract target personas and reflects their thought leadership and innovation.  

Content Creation for a Digital World 

Digital marketing has changed the way buyers interact with brands, making today’s prospects less receptive to outbound marketing messages. At TSL, we help our SaaS clients achieve a competitive advantage by building content that helps entertain and inform prospects, as well as generate leads through inbound marketing. 

Our SEO, user experience (UX), and content creation experts work with your SaaS company to generate offers that attract and convert prospects. 

Top-of-the-Funnel Content (TOFU)

Your B2B prospects are just a search query and click away from getting the content they need to inform their purchasing decision. For this reason, TSL creates content that is shaped by SEO and persona development. By building content that provides answers to prospects’ early-stage searches and questions, you position your SaaS company as a thought leader. 

Thought leadership at this awareness stage is especially important for SaaS companies because it establishes trust and builds prospects’ confidence in your brand. By focusing on your potential customers’ pain points instead of the features of your software, you let prospects know that you're out there to help them when they're ready and assure them that you're not going to pressure them with a hard sell.

Great TOFU content marketing helps bridge the initial trust gap. TOFU content can also establish your brand as a credible source of information that prospects will turn to again when they're in the consideration stage. 

TSL builds remarkable TOFU content in the form of:

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White Papers

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Blog Articles

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Customer Testimonials

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Guides and Tip Sheets

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Middle-of-the-Funnel Content (MOFU)

As prospects move into the consideration stage, they look for offers that more directly highlight your SaaS offerings. We help our clients build content that highlights the way their software solutions tackle challenges to not only help to inform buyers on the MOFU part of their journey but also to bridge the gap between TOFU and bottom-of-funnel content. 

A great content strategy makes the various pieces work together to tell a story. The middle of this story is the glue that holds your marketing workflow together. 

We can help you build this piece of the buyer's journey by creating content such as:

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Case Studies

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Sell Sheets

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Competitive Evaluations

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Solution Briefs

Bottom-of-the-Funnel (BOFU)

In the decision stage of the buyer's journey, the prospect should be well-informed about your place in the software industry, the products that you offer, and how you stack up in a competitive market. 

This is the point in the buyer's journey where prospects are ready to engage directly with your sales team. Making sure that you provide prospects at this stage with high-quality experiences is important. Your BOFU content and offers will heavily impact their final decision. 

Your landing pages should be purpose-built to provide a strong value proposition and get the customer to convert by signing up for:

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Product Trials

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Sales Team Member Follow-Up

Content Strategy Session

TSL Marketing can help your SaaS business develop a winning content strategy to showcase your go-to-market message that includes strengthening your website. Our experienced and knowledgeable team of content marketing, SEO, and UX experts works with you to understand your buyer personas, how they interact with your software products, and how to convert them into leads. We do this by creating a content plan for every stage of the buyer's journey. 


Content that Aligns With Your SaaS Brand  

Your content should speak to who you are as a business. That’s why TSL takes an individualized approach to content creation by working to understand your SaaS company’s current go-to-market messages, your current customer base, and your software solutions. 

Our copywriters are not just writers. They are MBAs, technical experts, SEO architects, and marketers who also have a firm grasp on SaaS. They work hard to bring your brand's unique voice and value proposition to every piece of content they write. We also write copy with SEO in mind, using keywords and phrases that your target personas will find and respond to during search. 

We work to align world-class copy with cutting-edge design so your messages can be showcased in a clean, crisp, and organized fashion. Our designers build great-looking content that dresses your company for success in the digital marketing age