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Why use content marketing


Sep 09, 2010

1 min

There is no question that marketing is becoming increasingly more complex as the industry continues to grow and more companies continue to go to market aggressively. Though it is interesting to see how many companies continue to market through singular campaign executions that aren't speaking to their end user. In a recent article "Are you boring your prospects," Mike Kelly, managing director for TSL  Marketing explains the importance of content marketing. 

"Many business-to-business marketers seem to have forgotten that you don’t market to companies, you market to individuals;" says Kelly, "and each has their own specific agenda. Unless you market to them in their language, addressing their specific needs, you will simply bore them."

Take for example a basic email marketing campaign. If you are sending an email out to your prospects, where the target prospect varies from IT director, Finance Director, and Operations, each one of those titles will have a very different pain or need from your solution. If your email is only directed towards the pain of the IT director, you have thus "bored" your other prospects and most likely lost their interest. 

"Once the messaging for each constituent has been agreed, this needs to be rolled out across the marketing tactics in an integrated way." Kelly goes on to say, "Any support collateral such as white papers or other downloads should also be customised. In practice, this means that there should be three versions of each tactic, tailored to each constituent (Financial, Operational, IT)"


We would also love to hear from you on if you are currently using content marketing and how it has helped.