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B2B Branding 101: Building Superior Tech Marketing Content

By David English

Aug 11, 2015

About 6 minutes

Make_Yourself_HeardB2B Content That Excites

Differentiating Yourself in the Technology Space

Is your technology marketing content like those generic products at the grocery store or does your organization have a brand strategy? In today’s highly competitive technology market, brands that set themselves apart from the pack are more likely to get the attention of potential customers. In a market where many companies even have extremely similar names, it’s even more important to use your branding and content marketing to stand out.

Off-brand products may be appealing if you're value shopping at the grocery store, but is this really how you want to promote your organization? What are you going to do to encourage someone to choose your brand over another similar company with similar products and services?

If your content is generic, it doesn't promote any qualities that differentiate your brand from a competitor's. Even if your products are superior, you're at risk of losing business to competitors who have better marketing material but inferior products and services. Putting extra effort into marketing makes prospects feel like they're getting extra value out of their purchase.

Benefits of Brand Building

What is Good Branding?


Good branding is more than smoke and mirrors. Your products and services need a distinct voice and personality that promises something unique. People use positive brand signals to build up trust for an organization and its services.

Your online digital content is a big part of building these trust paths. A website visitor who has a positive user experience with your brand is more likely to buy from you. This is true both for your brand visuals and the copy in your content. Your business branding needs to show that you provide something of value. 

Voice and Tone

The voice and tone you create for your content can help to distinguish it from your competitors'. For instance, a consistent tone gives your audience something to expect every time they have contact with your material. 

Your voice can also convey authority, encouraging trust from your readers. Not only do you provide something extra, but you stand behind your word. 

Humanizing Your Brand

It’s no accident that many product packages and ads include mascots or a spokesperson. This is done to help humanize the brand – even if it is through chocolate vampires or talking tuna. Your organization doesn't need a hamburger-peddling clown or a talking peanut to humanize your digital content though. 

Consider the benefits of using the real human faces of your team on your website. There are many great examples of this in the form of About Us website pages and video introductions. In fact, go ahead and meet the TSL executive team right now. Showing the people who your customers will be working with goes a long way in helping to build trust and humanize your brand.

Starting a Conversation with Your Audience

Technology Persona Targeting for Your Brand


Creating a precise profile of customers will give you a better sense of their needs and interests so you can target them more effectively. Instead of focusing on what you know, concentrate on what your audience is looking for.

A personalized approach helps prospects and customers see how your business can address their pain points specifically. Content that is geared towards IT Directors in manufacturing should be built differently than content for CIOs in healthcare. By building branding and content specifically for your target persona, you make them feel like you're speaking to their individual needs. 

One way to personalize your marketing content approach is to create buyer personas based on previous contacts. Developing buyer personas will help you segment and target your audience with customized messages. A persona can include information like job titles and industries, as well as day-to-day responsibilities and challenges. Considering the ways the persona accesses information may help you to tailor the format of your content to grab their attention.

Don't forget about your audience once you've grabbed their attention. Your brand credibility is at stake if you've reeled in a potential prospect only to fail at maintaining brand consistency. If they've come to expect interesting and unique content from your brand, you'll need to work to maintain this strategy. 

B2B Technology Content that is Fresh

If you opened up the newspaper every day to find the exact same stories day after day, then you'd stop picking up that newspaper. The same goes for marketing content. You want your content to be up-to-date so it offers fresh insights. Pieces of content like blogs can function as news articles that report on industry trends and give your perspective on innovations and trends in the technology industry. Your content can respond to other articles that relate to the services you provide, which encourages dialogue and shows that your brand is at the forefront of emerging technology.

Does Your Branding Set You Apart?

Everyone loves a bargain, but customers are willing to pay a little more for something special. When you’re building your brand and developing content, think beyond the generic. You want to provide a unique experience for your customers and prospects that both emphasizes the added value of your services and engages your audience.

Does your branding strategy and content help you to stand out, promote trust, and show that you understand the concerns of your customer? If not, reach out and let's talk. I personally hold marketing workshops for technology companies every month that dive into all aspects of their sales and marketing plans. Contact us and let's get a conversation started about improving your branding and building better B2B technology marketing content.

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