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The C-Suite’s Guide on Measuring ROI for B2B Tech Marketing

By TSL Marketing

Feb 02, 2022

About 4 minutes

In the last quarter of 2021, TSL Marketing surveyed 100 B2B Tech marketers on their investment priorities for 2022. C-level executives can benefit from reviewing the results by gaining insights into the best areas in which to invest marketing funds. Below, you can take a deep dive into the survey results either by watching the video or exploring the slide deck.

As our survey shows, the pandemic has disrupted technology marketing for the past 2 years. Our survey results can help you plan a profitable marketing strategy and overall marketing mix for 2022.

While there’s no one way to ensure marketing content wins new customers, the results of our survey show that creating unique and valuable content is crucial to seeing a return on your marketing investment.  

We hope you enjoy the survey results and welcome your feedback!

The C-Suite’s Guide on Measuring ROI for B2B Tech MarketingVideo 

Watch the video and learn: 

  • Key focus areas for marketing
  • How event marketing is being affected
  • Areas for growth 

Watch the Video

C-level guide on Measuring the ROI of B2B Tech Marketing: Report 

Read the full report and discover which: 
  • Activities marketers plan to include in their marketing mix 
  • Tactics marketers plan to invest their time and money in 
  • Areas to keep an eye on 


Find out more about how TSL can help your company invest in the most profitable marketing mix. Explore our Inbound Marketing services.

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