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Coffee with an expert: Getting Recognized, Known, & Trusted

By Jenni Schreiber

Jun 21, 2019

About 6 minutes

Coffee with an Expert Series_QAWelcome to the third edition of Coffee With an Expert, a series of interviews with TSL Marketing's subject matter experts about their areas of expertise.

Throughout these interviews, you'll gain some valuable insight into our approach to digital marketing and lead generation for B2B technology companies.

Today’s Q&A is with Jenni Schreiber, our B2B Technology Marketing Content Quality Assurance expert.

Jenni, let’s start by explaining how your role as a QA Expert and Editor helps to create an excellent user experience for our B2B marketing customers.

Jenni B2B Marketing Quality Assurance Expert


I administer quality control procedures on the B2B technology marketing web and mobile content we create for our clients, as well as internal projects for our marketing agency. I am the first set of eyes on our copywriters’ draft copy for websites, digital ads, blogs, eBooks, infographics, white papers, case studies, and campaign workflows.

I am also the last set of eyes before a product heads out the door. I review the B2B marketing content after it is placed into design, developed on a web page, or integrated into an email or workflow campaign, before it is handed over to our client.

What are some of the priority items you address when reviewing digital marketing content?


Each stage of marketing content creation has its own checklist. The content editing stage includes:

  • correcting grammar errors such as misspellings, missing words, punctuation, etc.
  • verification of proper names of products and technology
  • ensuring that meta descriptions and title tags are in place and that they meet our preferred character count
  • double-checking the elements in relation to the content strategy outline and specific buyer’s journey stage

In the design and development phase, it’s important to:

  • ensure the correct copy was placed in its entirety
  • test links for functionality
  • compare the fonts used to our client’s branding guidelines
  • check image/logo quality and overall design consistency
  • conduct formatting checks on the mobile view

All these factors are required to create high-quality content, and they play a major role in an effective B2B content strategy.

Is Quality Assurance or Quality Control in B2B technology marketing a necessity or luxury?


It’s an absolute necessity! A customer prospect might be really interested in a technology company’s products or services, but if they see a typo or misspelling within the marketing material, it could negatively affect their opinion of the company, or worse, deter them from progressing in the B2B buyer’s journey.

Content design should utilize consistent branding and be optimized for an excellent user experience. If a prospect can’t immediately find the info they are seeking or if a link to that information is broken, they may turn to another option out of frustration. Quality Assurance catches these digital marketing errors and helps to build trust before the material is released to B2B buyers.


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What is the secret sauce in B2B content Quality Assurance?


Verify, verify, verify — everything! As part of TSL Marketing’s B2B content marketing strategy, we establish our client as a thought leader in their industry. Part of that is accurately using technology terms and proper technology names. Even if I’ve seen the term a hundred times, I’ll still look it up … it’s that important.

I also follow a bit of advice from our previous quality control specialist: “Look at each asset like it’s the first time.” In other words, even though a piece of marketing content has already been through the proofreading stage, the copy is again looked over once it’s been placed into design or developed. This allows me to catch any errors that were overlooked the first time around or new errors caused by formatting.

What do you love most about being a B2B Technology Marketing Content Quality Assurance Specialist?  


Our writers, designers, and developers are spectacular. They make my job easy. I depend on their knowledge and expertise as much as they rely on me to thoroughly comb through each of their creations.

I enjoy learning about the latest technology trends as the content comes my way. Our writers are very knowledgeable and do a lot of technology research.

It’s also fun to see a B2B technology marketing workflow in its entirety during functionality testing, taking the journey through the elements just as a prospect would. Our designers and developers are precise on mapping out each campaign flow to guide prospects through the B2B buyer’s journey.  

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