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Enterprise-level Prospecting 

Enterprise Demand Generation Takes Enterprising Marketing

TSL knows the best blend of marketing activities to produce results. The best marketers find ways to break through the noise. Enterprise demand generation often requires a team effort between our creative team and our business development team. Today's greatest marketing takes a blended approach based on best practices from the worlds of inbound marketing and outbound marketing.

Business Development Telemarketing

Getting Passed the Gatekeeper

One of the biggest challenges of enterprise prospecting is getting passed the gatekeeper. Their job is to act as an information filter, making sure that senior managers and above are not inundated with calls and messages.

This makes it difficult for them to learn about your value proposition. TSL’s integrated marketing solutions take this into account.

Telemarketing into the Enterprise

The business development team at TSL skillfully navigates through enterprise organizations seeking out new names, reporting structures, and business intelligence. They use this accumulated information to zero-in on the target prospect. Their jobs are to find the person at the organization who is going to be most receptive to your marketing message.

Creative Services 

To break through the noise and bring attention to your message, we design solutions to build demand and nurture key potential relationships. Creative dimensional mail campaigns, for instance, provide the prospect with a memorable and tangible experience. This helps our business development team break the ice and easily start a conversation with the recipient. 

Digital Marketing

We also help organizations build digital marketing content that is focused on the specific needs and pains of your enterprise-level persona. Our content strategists work with you to determine what kind of content is going to be most compelling to your target prospects. 

This approach helps us in two main ways.

1. Once we get through to your new prospects with our outbound demand generation efforts, we then have memorable content to share with them that speaks to their concerns.

2. It provides us with persona-focused content to distribute out to your various content distribution channels, like your website, your social media sites, or your prospect email list. The related landing pages pulls in the right people. Once they've shown an appropriate level of interest, the lead goes back into the hands of our enterprise business development team, who follows up with phone calls.

Paying attention to digital body language throughout the life of a campaign tells us when we have the interest of a crucial decision-maker or influencer. With the right kind of integrated approach and modern marketing tools, we can drill down into what companies are investigating your solutions and which particular employees at those companies have taken actions.

Find out more about how we can help you enhance your brand so that you can go to bat with enterprise-level prospects.

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