Channel Lead Management

B2B Channel Lead Management

Successful pipeline management and optimization is the result of using data in a timely and effective manner. Our management systems track and report at the campaign level. We’ve established processes that enable real time campaign optimization.

Leave No Lead Behind

With our ‘leave no lead behind’ lead progression methodology, you’ll have the visibility that you need from your partner marketing activities.

Lead Generation

From the moment a lead is uncovered our team documents the business intelligence uncovered on the call. We create a detailed record of the lead and build out a lead report. Leads can be reviewed on an individual level or at the campaign level.

Lead Entry

Once a lead is generated TSL's dedicated leads desk is able to enter leads into your CRM and lead tracking systems. This gives you more insight into the lead generation activities.

Lead Tracking

TSL's team can provide reporting and tracking of generated leads. This allows them to be updated as any status changes on the leads come through.

Lead Progression

Our systems allow us to retain the leads based on your business needs. TSL's Lead Progression team can take ownership of the lead throughout the sales cycle.

Win Reporting

Completely pipeline visibility gives us the ability to report back channel partner wins to show marketing ROI. We can also help partners report previously unreported wins from outside of our systems.

Interested in getting better visibility into your Channel Pipeline? Download The Payoffs of Lead Progression below or contact us today for a channel pipeline consultation.



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