Partner Recruitment

Finding the Right Channel Partner

In the ever-changing technology environment, more organizations are realizing a need to develop a new partner ecosystem or expand their current partner base to keep up with demand, diversify, and ensure they always have a full sales funnel.

As channel experts, TSL understands how challenging it can be to recruit new partners and enable them to be ambassadors for your organization. With our “market-to” approach, TSL helps organizations grow their ecosystem by focusing on the value potential partners could bring to the organization rather than just aiming for a high number of partners.

TSL will work with you to develop a partner recruitment strategy that aligns with your overall business and long-term channel program goals. We will then develop and execute a recruitment campaign, targeting partners that align with these goals.

We will work closely with your in-house team to assist and/or manage onboarding and enablement so that you can quickly have your new partners generating leads and closing business for your organization.

Channel Marketing and Sales Enablement

TSL has a proven track record of creating highly successful channel marketing programs for companies around the world. From pipeline visibility and pipeline development to channel solutions and plan development, we are dedicated support for your efforts.

Channel Agency Expertise:

  • Partner Development: Strategy Growth
  • Training, Enablement, and Readiness
  • Communications Development
  • Marketing Programs and Training
  • Recruitment Support and Training
  • Campaign Strategy

Channel Marketing Offerings:

  • Marketing Consultation
  • Outbound Lead Generation
  • Lead Progression
  • Pipeline Visibility
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Development
  • Digital Advertising
  • Video Production

Channel Agency Campaigns, Projects, and Programs

TSL’s trusted co-marketing program provides global channel support with localized expertise. Partners receive customized and personalized support that’s tailored to fit their unique needs. They also receive a wholly managed, stress-free way of advancing digital and direct sales marketing.

Offer your channel virtually any kind of Channel Marketing support: telemarketing campaigns, marketing collateral, Google AdWords™, promotional items, and much more.