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Lead Generation: What Works?


Apr 10, 2009

1 min

Lead Generation is one of the oldest forms of marketing yet still remains one of the most effective. The trick is to know you are investing your lead generation budget in a company that will guarantee you the best results. There are two basic ways that you can do this: Pay Per Lead (PPL) and Service Level Agreements (SLA).

"Pay-Per-Lead" telemarketing leads are a very attractive offer, and in some cases work very well for both the buyer and provider of leads. However, it is also becoming clear that the pay-per-lead model does not suit every industry, and every sales situation.

In TSL's experience, and in the experience of our clients, pay-per-lead can cause more damage to a company's sales efforts than the benefit it brings of shared risk.

This is why TSL Marketing recommends using a "Service Level Agreement" (SLA) on leads instead of the PPL model. SLA provides you with guaranteed results along with the benefits of reducing risk.

Additional benefits include:

  • Offers a minimum guarantee to leads generated, thus providing higher quality
  • Conductive to a partnership model than a "vendor" relationship
  • Reduces the risk of low quality leads thus providing higher return on investment