Many managed security service providers (MSSPs) tend to rely on referral and word of mouth to grow their companies. However, MSSPs and managed service providers (MSPs) that offer security services need a systematic way to build sales pipeline so they can achieve sustainable and more rapid business growth. For MSSPs, this means finding ways to capture key data that can be used to further refine marketing messaging and create content that helps sales reps position security solutions to prospects. 

At TSL Marketing, we understand that lead generation for MSSPs is driven by tactics such as nurture, surveys, and paid advertising. We can help your company find the right marketing mix for lead generation, as discussed in our detailed lead generation strategies blog. 


Make TSL Your MSSP Lead Generation Partner

Find out what TSL can do to help your managed security services company expand its reach. 


TSL Marketing’s Lead Generation Methods for MSSPs

TSL helps MSSPs and MSPs that offer security services with proactive lead generation using email marketing and inside sales/telemarketing for nurture streams, content marketing, and paid digital ads.   

  • Setting Targets and Goals

    We define target audiences and set achievable goals for lead generation.

  • Nurturing Leads

    We prevent potential leads from being lost by nurturing them into highly qualified opportunities.

  • Reporting on Progress

    Our project managers stay in touch with your team to report on the success of campaigns and refine the process.

Integrated Lead Gen

Integrated Lead Gen Campaigns

We have refined our methodology and approach over the last 20+ years to meet the demands of today's buyer's journey. Learn more about our full-service, integrated, and omni-channel lead generation campaigns.

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MSSP Lead Generation Services 

Our combination of services enables us to craft MSSP lead and demand generation solutions that produce qualified leads. 


  • Data Services

    We generate quality contact lists using data de-duping and data cleansing, increasing your MSSP company’s chance of finding qualified leads nationally.  

  • Inside Sales/Telemarketing

    We use our inside sales team to capture background information on prospects, start relationships with decision makers, uncover leads, and connect leads with our customers. While reaching people by phone is more difficult than it once was, depending on an MSSP’s objective and long-term strategy, we may carry out cold outbound telemarketing or focus more on inside sales support for warm prospects or prospects who have interacted with our content. 

  • Email

    As we build our data and our knowledge of niche market segments, we use tailored and personalized emails to deliver valuable content and information. Emails are primarily designed to build market awareness but can also generate leads over time. 

  • Surveys

    Our content services team can put together a survey focused on a cybersecurity topic to generate leads, as well as research data that can be used to garner meaningful insights to help guide your content topics and events.  

MSSP Lead Generation Services 

The TSL Lead Generation for MSSP Difference

Our 20+ years of experience working with B2B technology clients gives our in-house team the expertise they need to provide lead generation guidance in multiple areas to make your MSSP offerings stand out from the rest. 

Experienced Team
  • Marketing Planning

    We build plans both to generate leads and build buyer awareness of pain points to encourage progress along the buyer’s journey without relying heavily on co-marketing funds. 


  • Program Management

    The Business Development teams at TSL are managed by our all-star team of project managers who work with our clients to identify a target audience and craft a message for your products and services that is catered to your audience. 

  • Reporting

    Our project managers stay in touch with your team to report on the success of campaigns and refine the process. 

  • Results

    Our MSSP clients see great outcomes from their marketing efforts, including more pipeline, marketing qualified leads, and sales qualified leads. 

  • Experienced Team

    Our experienced Content Marketing professionals are experts at optimizing lead generation with MSSP-focused content that uses trust signals. We leverage our inbound marketing team led by expert project managers to engage, nurture, and progress leads through surveys, paid advertising, and website offers. 

  • Security Expertise

    At TSL, our content services team has a strong knowledge base in cybersecurity. We can produce thought leadership content on key IT security topics, such as SASE and endpoint security. 

Outsource Lead Generation

Why MSSPs Should Outsource Lead Generation

Our combination of services enables us to craft lead and demand generation solutions for MSSPs that produce qualified leads. We can help you position your solutions, as well as those of your acquisitions and channel partners, as your company grows. 

Just as firms outsource their IT security services to managed security providers, MSSPs and MSPs with security services may wish to outsource their lead generation services to a firm like TSL Marketing. Here are a few reasons to consider TSL:  


  • Cost-effective

    Lead generation services can be a cost-effective way for MSSPs to generate new business. Rather than investing in building an expensive inside sales team or hiring a dedicated sales team, MSSPs and MSPs with security services can outsource lead generation to a third-party provider, who can generate leads on their behalf. 

  • Focus on core business

    By outsourcing lead generation, MSSPs can focus on their core business of providing cybersecurity services, rather than spending time and resources on marketing and sales activities. 

  • Expertise

    Lead generation companies have specialized expertise in identifying and qualifying leads. They use a range of techniques, such as surveys, nurturing streams, paid ads, and content creation to meet the MSSPs specific criteria. 

  • Consistent flow of leads

    Lead generation services can provide MSSPs with a consistent flow of new leads, which can help them to grow their business over time. 

  • Targeted leads

    Lead generation services can help MSSPs to identify and target specific industries or security product niches, which can increase their chances of success. 

In Summary

Lead generation services can help MSSPs to generate a steady flow of high-quality leads, without the need to invest significant time and resources in marketing and sales activities.

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