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3 Expert Tips on How to Use HubSpot and LinkedIn Ads Together

By TSL Marketing

Feb 09, 2022

About 6 minutes

At TSL Marketing, we have subject matter experts in all areas of B2B Marketing. Ryan Nicholson, VP Marketing, is our resident expert on LinkedIn advertising. Nicholson put together a video on ways to use HubSpot and LinkedIn ads together as part of a successful marketing strategy. 

Here are Nicholson’s 3 Tips for using HubSpot and LinkedIn advertising together: 

Tip 1: Use LinkedIn Ads Integration in HubSpot

Nicholson encourages companies to start out by encouraging HubSpot users to take advantage of its LinkedIn ads integration. LinkedIn ads integration allows you to bring LinkedIn advertising into your HubSpot account so you can build, manage, and monitor your LinkedIn advertising right inside of HubSpot.  

Using the integration, you can also pull any leads that are generated by forms into HubSpot instead of downloading a spreadsheet and uploading it back into the system. 

Tip 2: Use the HubSpot UTM Builder

Next, Nicholson recommends using the UTM builder inside of HubSpot to ensure you are tagging LinkedIn advertising as paid social. Differentiating paid social from organic social will help you track the efficiency of your paid social campaigns. That way you can understand your cost per conversion and where those conversions are going when you turn them over to the sales team.

Tip 3: Align Personas With LinkedIn Targeting

Finally, Nicholson encourages companies to align their personas with LinkedIn targeting. He points out that many businesses make the mistake of building large segmentations into LinkedIn, targeting every job title they possibly could.

Instead, you should be targeting based on your personas, empowering you to drive any traffic from your LinkedIn advertising into your persona segments and into your percentage workflows. Doing so will optimize next steps based on who that person is. 

Watch the Video

To get all the details of Nicholson’s tips, view the full video. 

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