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3 Expert Tips on How to Use Customer Personalization

By TSL Marketing

Feb 16, 2022

About 5 minutes

As a HubSpot Diamond Partner, TSL Marketing believes in Smarketing, encouraging the sales and marketing teams to work together. Our Vice President of Sales & Client Strategy Brian Shilling put together a video that shares his expert tips for achieving successful marketing and sales through customer personalization.

Here are Shilling’s 3 Tips for creating customer personalization: 

Tip 1: Create Ideal Customer Profiles

Shilling believes identifying your absolute best customers is the foundation for any account-based marketing strategy. Once these best customers are identified, create an ideal customer profile (ICP) based on their attributes and/or characteristics.  

Tip 2: Identify Companies That Fit Your ICP

Once you have created the ICP, find companies that fit it and identify relevant contacts within the companies. Classify the buying rules of those contacts so you have all the stakeholders represented.  

Now you need a way to organize all this information. As Shilling points out, HubSpot has recently launched its native account-based software for both marketing and sales hubs. This new software allows you to input and segment data by selecting target accounts that match your ICP profile. You can use the software to associate the context and buying roles with those targeted accounts.

Tip 3: Personalize and Progress at Scale

Finally, Shilling emphasizes that you want to use HubSpot technology to its fullest by personalizing and progressing at scale. HubSpot Sales Hub provides tools that empower your sales professionals.

With HubSpot Sales Hub, you can leverage automation using Sequences, a tool that replaces one-to-one communications with one-to-many at scale while still personalizing. You benefit from real-time tracking, reporting, and analytics, which improve responsiveness. 

Watch the Video

To get all the details about Shilling’s tips, view the entire video. 

Grow With HubSpot and TSL Marketing

Shilling’s final takeaway is that your company will resonate and your results will grow with HubSpot and TSL Marketing. For more than 20 years, we have helped companies become recognized, known, and trusted. Now we encourage our clients to launch themselves to the next level of B2B marketing by partnering with us.

TSL is a Diamond HubSpot Partner with a 5-Star rating, so we can help you promote customer personalization in marketing using HubSpot tools.

Join us next Wednesday as our Tech Tip Series continues with tips on how to use HubSpot to get the most out of your website.

Find out how to develop a successful sales and marketing strategy that involves customer personalization


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