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How to Supercharge your LinkedIn Sponsored Update

By Ryan Nicholson

Oct 17, 2013

About 4 minutes

iStock 000017058731SmallSince TSL published the blog Have you Discovered LinkedIn Sponsored Updates, we’ve run into quite a few beginner’s guides on how to set up a LinkedIn Sponsored update campaign.We’ve listed them below for additional reference. Check them out as they offer a lot of information on the basics of how to run a successful Pay-Per-Click campaign with LinkedIn. 

Success with LinkedIn Ads

We’ve also had the opportunity to launch a handful of successful campaigns for clients with very specific audiences that we’d normally have difficulty targeting. We worked closely with our clients to develop multi-tiered targeting strategies into various subsets of the LinkedIn user base.

By using multiple variations of posts into multiple audience segments, we are able to help clients optimize their click through rates and drastically increase the amount of traffic on their landing pages. 

Success Measurement for your Landing Pages

While traffic to the landing page is great, the ability to track page statistics and page conversions is even better. Running the Sponsored Updates campaigns with tools like Google Analytics and Hubspot will help you closely track page conversions and to analyze the page traffic. 

This is especially helpful if you’re running concurrent ad campaigns and looking to understand where to best spend your ad dollars. By using unique landing page tracking links, you are able to pinpoint precisely where the click came from and if that click converted into a contact. 

Conversions and Metrics

The most exciting parts of all of this are twofold -

1. Page conversions from Sponsored Update campaigns are far exceeding what we see from an email campaign and

2. Because of the targeting capabilities of LinkedIn we've seen a higher number of fit contacts who convert.

How is LinkedIn Advertising different from AdWords or Google Display Ads?

While AdWords can target someone by what they’re searching for, LinkedIn’s Sponsored Update feature can target user information like title, what size/type of company they work for, what skills they have, their years of experience, their college degreee, and what LinkedIn Groups they belong to. 

Hubspot and LinkedIn recently put together a Slideshare called Linkedin’s Latest Updates to Help your Business that lays out how they work together in more detail. The presentation shows how these tools, used in concert, paint a clear picture of the power of social media and the enhanced exposure LinkedIn Sponsored updates can bring to your content. 

We’re excited to run more of these campaigns, especially in conjunction with our traditional marketing projects. Contact us to us to have a conversation about how this strategy might work for you.

Have you ever looked into using LinkedIn Sponsored Updates to benefit your business? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

Beginner Guides to LinkedIn Sponsored Updates:

 From Software Advice: LinkedIn Sponsored Updates: A Beginner's Guide


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