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B2B Marketing Is Hard [infographic]

By Steve Erickson - Sr. Copywriter/ Strategist

Aug 31, 2018

About 3 minutes

We know that B2B technology marketing is hard. It is difficult to maintain control of the sales cycle now that buyers have more information available than ever.

Google estimates that B2B buyers perform 12 searches for a solution before they engage a brand. And once they do engage, those buyers are only inviting two vendors into the process, compared to five just a few years ago.

(Check out our infographic to see how Google views the new B2B technology sales cycle.)

The numbers can make it seem like mission impossible. We understand. 

A Closer Look at the Numbers Offers Hope

If buyers are going to change the way they engage B2B companies, it does no good to fight it. It had been prophesied that the use of technology would kill the B2B salesman. As it turns out, B2B buyers still want to engage a sales team; they just require that the sales team has the knowledge to help them.

This is where marketing can help. Buyers are performing more searches before engaging your sales teams, so you need to offer them answers to their searches. Make sure that your content shows buyers how to solve their problems.

And you need to engage them where they are. Sure, that includes social, particularly with the younger age of influencers and decision-makers. But it also means that your content needs to be mobile-friendly.

Mobile-First: It’s Not Just a Google Buzzword

Google has stated that its newest algorithm is based on a mobile-first strategy. Your content has to be mobile-optimized in order to rank in search, regardless of the device that the searcher is using.

It did this for a good reason: Searchers ― in our case, buyers ― are searching on multiple devices. They might begin with a search on their phones based on a social post they see. Then, they could switch to a tablet to read a more in-depth piece on the solution or problem that is currently consuming them.

And finally, they might turn to their laptop to do some serious research as they enter the consideration phase of the buyer’s journey.

Be Present Everywhere

Buyers have more data than ever, so they are dictating the buying process. And to be a part of it, you need to be present every step of the way. This might sound impossible, but it really comes down to a well-thought-out process.

  • Do you have content that solves your customers’ challenges?
  • Have you posted this content in areas they are likely to find it?
  • Can you track where your customers and prospects are in their journey?

Consider how you can implement a mobile-first strategy. Provide the content that your prospects and customers are looking for and implement automation to connect with buyers based on where they are in their journey.

We are here to help. Learn how we can help you implement a digital strategy that gets results. We offer a free consultation to provide you with actionable techniques that you can adopt today.

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