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TSL Marketing Turkey Needs A Name


Nov 24, 2014

1 min

Yes it's Thanksgiving week and here at TSL Marketing, we are giving a little spin on the tradition of the "Turkey Pardon". As you can see we have a TSL Turkey, but it is unamed. What we want you to do is offer your suggestions for the name, the turkey is gender neutral so both male and female names are welcomed.

You have until Sunday November 30th to suggest a name. The winner will be rewarded with a donation to our local food bank in their name. All the staff here are going to bring in food, which we will put together and deliver to them. It's in a great cause and you get the satisfaction of knowing you helped some people. So have at it and look forward to your suggestions.

Thank you from the TSL team!

P.S. Please like, share, tweet on your social networks and help get the word out!