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Social Networking in less than one hour per week


Oct 12, 2009

About 2 minutes

If you are anything like TSL, these past couple of months have been swamped! When things such as planning for the end of 2009 and start of 2010 happen, the little things (such as blogs, twitter, linkedin, and social media sites in general) tend to suffer. TSL has put together 3 steps to effective social networking in less than 1 hour per week:

  1. Blog - Take 10 minutes and brainstorm your next 3 months of blog posts. Instead of trying to come up with a topic on a weekly basis, spend 10 minutes to sit down and think up the hot topics that you will want to write about in the coming weeks. You will soon find that writing a blog will be as easy as picking a topic out of a hat and writing away! When you take the time away from brainstorming you will find your blogging to be quite seamless and should take no more than 20 minutes per post.
  2. Twitter - Tweet in the morning. For all new followers, TSL sends a thank you along with a link to subscribe to our B2B email newsletters for top marketing trends and tips. Spend an extra minute after responding to new followers and throw up a "marketing tip" or re-tweet something you see that is memorable. This will only take 5 minutes out of your day and will help continue to build your social network substantially.
  3. LinkedIn - While starting new discussions, responding to discussions, and partaking in relevant industry topics can really build your name and your company on linkedin, it can also be incredibly time consuming. To save time in the next few months, limit your LinkedIn discssions to sharing your blog posts, email newsletters, press releases, and other relevant marketing material through groups. While it is good to also join other discussions, when time if of the essence, getting your material out there and responding to questions directed to you will take up the least amount of time (no more than 10 minutes a week).
I hope these steps will help you manage your time and also allow your social sites to no longer suffer!