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Product Comparison: HubSpot Sales Hub Enterprise vs. Salesforce Enterprise

By Brian Shilling

May 22, 2020

About 25 minutes

To successfully execute your sales initiatives and achieve business goals, a company can’t rely solely on its top-notch sales team. Those dedicated staff need a reliable and efficient Sales and CRM platform on which to communicate with current and potential clients, effectively execute the sales process, and grow their book of business.

Companies that migrate to a unified and more complete technology stack that includes an all-in-one Sales and CRM platform experience a boost in conversions and wins thanks to state-of-the art communication capabilities, synchronization between efforts and data, and an overall optimization of the sales process.

TSL Marketing experienced first-hand the power of leveraging the HubSpot Marketing Hub in combination with the superpower of the HubSpot Sales Hub Enterprise platform when we migrated off our previous Sales and CRM platform, Salesforce. While both platforms are great products derived from excellent companies, HubSpot Sales Hub Enterprise platform provides one single source of truth to get the most relevant and accurate up-to-date data and insights. More importantly, our sales team experienced the power of the platform and how their everyday professional life, productivity, effectiveness, and interactions would dramatically improve.

We reached out to two veteran TSL sales directors who were working for our agency before and after our transition to HubSpot. In the chart below, you can read their feedback for each feature category based on their experience with both platforms as employees of a small to midsized business. Their opinions are based on their use of the Salesforce platform up until 2018, when we transitioned. You can also browse additional product facts for the HubSpot Sales Hub Enterprise platform below.

HubSpot Sales Hub Enterprise vs. Salesforce Enterprise

Hyperlinks to Features

Ease of Use
Performance and Reliability
User and Customer Experience
Tracking and Record Keeping
Workflows and Management
User Interface and Setup
Ease of Customization
Plugins/ Platform/ Integrations
Storage and Documentation
Lead Generation, Capture, and Management
Pipeline Management
Support and Training


Feature HubSpot Sales Hub Enterprise platform Salesforce Enterprise platform Best Performer
Ease of Use HubSpot_Logo
  • Designed for all business, Startups to SMBs to Enterprises
  • User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are intuitive and User-Centered Designed (UCD)
  • Built-in applications and tools are useful and timesaving
  • A la carte features and functions are available for customization
  • “Salesforce was never an intuitive or user-friendly tool for me; I learned to live with it.”
  • “HubSpot is much more intuitive than Salesforce for any campaigning or customized contact management.”

hubspot icon logo
Performance and Reliability HubSpot_Logo
  • Efforts are executed and recorded in one repository
  • High-level and granular view of tasks, deadlines, and resources
  • Interactive capabilities using state-of-the-art communications technologies
  • “I found Salesforce to be more reliable. HubSpot is 'down' sometimes while Salesforce wasn’t.”
  • “Salesforce was not an integrated tool, which really negatively impacted my productivity.”

hubspot icon logo


User and Customer Experience HubSpot_Logo
  • Tailor content to where each client is in their buyer’s journey
  • Instant notifications when a prospect opens an email, clicks on a link, downloads ‘Documents’, or visits your website
  • Schedule ‘Meetings’ by sharing your calendar link to save time
  • Digitized review and signing options for clients
  • “HubSpot provides a more complete experience than Salesforce.”
  • “Salesforce felt antiquated; I needed a tool that supported scheduling meetings with my prospects by linking them to my calendar.”
  • “Embarrassing when clients asked for a digital signing of a quote; there has to be an integrated tool that allows you to quote and e-sign within the same tool.”

hubspot icon logo
Tracking and Record Keeping HubSpot_Logo
  • Up-to-the-minute view of your entire sales pipeline
  • Pre-configured reports for sales activities and sales pipelines
  • Closed-loop reporting from new lead to customer
  • “Salesforce has less capability to track contact actions, but the data it does track is well organized.”
  • “I never had a consolidated view of all my interactions such as email, phone calls, videos, for every prospect. It was tough to remember everything and things fell through the cracks.”

hubspot icon logo


Workflows and Management HubSpot_Logo
  • Automate ‘Tasks’ and ‘Activities’ with sales ‘Sequences’
  • Detail a sales process via ‘Playbooks’
  • Track, report, and analyze workflow communications and progress
  • “It would have been so helpful if I could have automated workflows to help with my prospecting efforts. I lost so much time trying to do this manually.”
  • “Salesforce does not have adequate capabilities to run workflows.”
hubspot icon logo
User Interface and Setup HubSpot_Logo
  • Easy to learn and navigate
  • Simple setup
  • Streamlined but can be customized for all user and business types
  • “Salesforce is more straightforward for basic sales functionality, but HubSpot is easier to use once you go deeper.”
  • “Thank goodness it was set up for me. I disliked the user interface, but there was no way I was going to change it.”

hubspot icon logo


Ease of Customization HubSpot_Logo
  • Generates granular reports
  • Drag and drop functionality to create dashboards
  • Pre-configured sales reports and dashboards
  • “It was really hard to custom-build a dashboard for myself which was frustrating – for example, my productivity per month so I could monitor my strengths and weaknesses regarding calls, emails, meetings and admin time.”
  • “If I needed to modify any fields, I needed admin help which ultimately always slowed me down.”
hubspot icon logo
Plugins/Platform/Integrations HubSpot_Logo
  • Seamless integrations with Gmail, Outlook, and Slack
  • Integrates with website publishing platforms
  • Hundreds of integration options with App Partners such as LinkedIn, Connectwise, Outreach and more
  • “Salesforce did not integrate with any tools that I used, while HubSpot does seem to work nicely with many other platforms.”
  • “I always thought it was unfortunate that it didn’t integrate with my Outlook or my video feed.”

hubspot icon logo

Storage and Documentation HubSpot_Logo
  • ‘Documents’ for file sharing and detailed tracking
  • Free CRM allows for documents up to 250 MB to be uploaded
  • Unlimited storage
    Designed for all business, Startups to SMBs to Enterprises
  • “Both Salesforce and HubSpot seem to store info adequately, but Salesforce makes that info easier to find.”
  • “I needed one tool that would allow me to insert a document link within an email and track opens/clicks; it was a pain to go from one system to another.”

hubspot icon logo


Lead Generation, Capture, and Management HubSpot_Logo
  • Built-in content management system (CMS) for inbound marketing
  • Predictive lead scoring available
  • Automatically imports lead contact information
  • “Salesforce does not integrate well with marketing campaigns, thus any lead capture is from manual entry.”
  • “I wish it would have allowed me to track opens/clicks to my emails so I better understood the level of interest from my prospects.”
  • “I could not attribute any sales to a specific activity because I had NO hard data to make an informed decision (for example; clicks and opens).”
hubspot icon logo
Pipeline Management HubSpot_Logo
  • Streamline sales processes with workflows and sequences
  • Allows users to edit and add pre-configured sales pipeline stages
  • Full, real-time visibility into sales pipeline with intuitive ‘Deals Dashboard’
  • “HubSpot’s Deals dashboard has much better functionality than Salesforce’s 'opportunities' section.”
  • “I did not enjoy the static view offered by Salesforce; I would have loved a way to dynamically change my deals from one stage to another on one table – 'drag and drop' approach.” 
hubspot icon logo
Support and Training HubSpot_Logo
  • Offers a variety of online courses and certifications via HubSpot Academy
  • Even free users receive a support response within 24 hours
  • Remote onboarding and in-depth support sessions are available
  • “I have never interacted with anyone at Salesforce, while HubSpot has been responsive and supportive.”
  • “It would have been nice to have some fast and instructional videos and tips; I felt totally unsupported and trapped to the basics.”
hubspot icon logo
Scalability HubSpot_Logo
  • All-in-One solution
  • Add-ons available but most often not required
  • Ability to scale
  • “I work with Canadian and US companies and needed a platform that supported multi-currency.”
  • “I was not a power user and always felt that personalization and/or customization was too difficult and time consuming to adapt the tool to my needs without an administrator’s intervention.”

hubspot icon logo


Roadmap to Migration

If you feel like your current Sales and CRM platform isn’t hitting the mark and is stifling the efforts of your diligent and driven sales team, TSL Marketing can take a deep dive into your current sales processes and platform.


We can provide recommendations and guidance for sales optimization, and as a HubSpot Diamond Solutions Partner, you can leverage our expertise and experience to develop a roadmap for a migration from your current system to the HubSpot Sales Hub Enterprise.

Let us help you achieve exponential growth by overseeing the implementation and training for your company’s migration to an all-encompassing ‘one source for the truth’ platform to strategically enhance your entire sales process and methods.


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