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How to Achieve More Interaction in your LinkedIn Group

By Devesh Panchwagh

Dec 02, 2013

About 2 minutes

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LinkedIn Group Engagement Tips

Nothing feels worse than posting exciting, thought-compelling content and not getting any kind of response from members in your LinkedIn group. It’s like standing in front of a crowd, awkwardly tapping the microphone and mumbling, “Is this thing on?” Luckily, there are some tricks that will break the silence and get your group members buzzing with comments.

Survey Your Group

One way to wake up the room is by posting an interesting question, and posting a survey to go with it. You can even call out the people you would like to participate. You can make it interesting, intellectually, challenging, or fun. For example, survey what your product offering should be. Maybe even post a trivia question related to the topics you routinely post about. Play with different ideas and see what kind of responses you get.

Post Group Updates with Comments

Your first step here is actually posting inside of your LinkedIn Group. After that you need to work to get people to engage. You know what they sometimes say; monkey see, monkey do. If you post without a comment, your audience is likely to read without a comment. If you’re posting links then they may even go to the pages you’re linking them to and comment on that platform instead. Don’t be afraid to give your two cents.  Remember, social media is about being social, so don’t be afraid to add your opinion.

Interact with the Group

If you see a co-group manager post something, comment below to start a conversation. This can work well to engage others to hop into the conversation. If the post pertains to an experience with another member of the group, go ahead and bring them into the discussion.

If you try to engage group members with surveys or thought-provoking, relatable content, they’re more likely to consistently participate in your group. Lastly, if none of that works, ask the group what they would like to see  posted. Don’t hesitate to be social. It never hurts. 

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