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By Mobilizing Your Business, You Can Market on the Go


Jan 11, 2012

About 3 minutes

One of the greatest achievements of the 21st century is the mobilization of business. Companies are decreasing their dependency on stationary workstations and are moving to mobile phones and tablets.  Marketing is no different, as there are several ways to market your company from the street, inside a coffee shop, the grocery store, etc. Anywhere you go, your business can follow.

There are many ways to take advantage of marketing on the go. Email blasts, social media updates and mass texts can happen from the palm of your hand. One important thing to remember is that you aren’t the only one working on a mobile device. There is a good chance that any prospects you reach out to are working on the go as well. Mobile to mobile messaging is now the the preferred form of communication, and could create a comfortable environment to converse with your audience.

if you prefer the traditional cold calling method, the mobile phone is perfect for that as well.. Several applications such as Active Strategy, and Sugar (which runs through the browser) are available to connect to prospects and clients, track activity and report results through your mobile device’s interface. With one touch of the screen in the phone number field, you will automatically find yourself on a prospecting call. Most mobile devices today carry massive amounts of storage space, so thousands of prospect data cards can be held on a phone. Today, the storage is getting even bigger as devices are now connecting to the cloud.

We are a generation of multi-taskers who are always on the move. Technology is adapting to our lifestyle, just as we adapt to keep up with its rapid changes. How are you keeping up? In what ways are you managing your marketing while on the go?