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Evergreen Marketing Content Can Increase Website Traffic & Boost SEO

By Michele Balze

Oct 22, 2019

About 5 minutes

B2B marketing content planningB2B marketers want their content to be entertaining and informative, but they also want it to be current. At the end of the year, blog posts listing the trends for the coming year start popping up everywhere. Companies strive to boost their reputation as thought leaders by releasing reports and surveys labeled with the current year.

But what happens to this content when time passes? Reports and blog posts live on in cyberspace, growing increasingly irrelevant and outdated. No one wants to refer to old statistics.

Evergreen content is marketing content that stays fresh and valuable year after year. When content retains its relevance, traffic accumulates over time.

Here’s some advice on how to create evergreen marketing content, as well as insight into why sustainable content is valuable to your brand.

Choosing Evergreen Topics

When choosing topics to write about, B2B marketers should avoid examining trends or focusing on news stories. Reports and studies that rely on statistics quickly become outdated.

Instead, companies should write about topics that answer potential customers’ questions. Think of FAQs that prospects have about your products and services.

How-to blogs that explain how to use your products and informative guides that explore industry concepts also work well as evergreen content. This content can be enhanced with videos or images showing customers using your products.

Great content marketing engages buyers at specific points in the buyer’s journey and sales and marketing funnel. For more information on what goes into content marketing for the funnel, check out TSL Marketing Content Marketing Services.

TSL’s Vice President of Marketing Ryan Nicholson gravitates toward evergreen concepts, especially for MSP marketing. Tech changes so quickly from quarter to quarter and year to year, Nicholson points out, that these concepts can be used to build out content that stands up to occasional updates and refreshes.

Finding the Right Format for Evergreen Content

Blogs work well as a format for evergreen content if the topics are enduring ones. Blogs can be written in a list format, such as “10 Reasons Why” or “5 Benefits of.” When blogs are housed on the website, they function as a resource for visitors and prospects who want to learn more about your brand and related topics.

eBooks and white papers are great long-form formats for evergreen content if they address sustainable topics. White papers generally take a deep dive into one of your company’s products or services. eBooks can focus on how to solve pain points or present tips on how to get the most out of a product.

These evergreen formats help establish your company as an industry thought leader that is reliable and authoritative.

Product reviews and case studies also work well in an evergreen content marketing strategy. Testimonials about how great your products are and how awesome your company is to work with never go out of style.

Using Evergreen Content to Optimize Search

Evergreen content can help with search engine optimization (SEO). Every company has industry keywords it would like to rank for in Google searches. These keywords and related long-tail keywords are ideal sources for evergreen content topics.

Once you have chosen a topic, be sure to use keywords throughout the piece to maximize the chances a prospect will find your piece of content. Keywords can also be used in alt text for images, as well as headings, URLs, and meta descriptions. Just don’t overload the content with keywords.

Including social sharing buttons on posts will encourage readers to respond to and share your content, increasing your reach and giving you valuable feedback. Evergreen content may also gain backlinks over time as other companies use your piece of content as a reference.

TSL can help you create informative, entertaining content for your B2B website. See our complete list of Digital Marketing Solutions here.


TSL Marketing understands the importance of SEO in B2B Marketing. We can show your company how to boost SEO on your website using evergreen content.

Ryan Nicholson states that, "Evergreen content like glossaries and FAQs have proven to be very effective at driving new traffic and helping clients expand the universe of search queries that bring traffic to their website."

What Evergreen Content Does for Your Company

Evergreen marketing content brings many benefits to your company. Sustainable content is a perpetual source of potential interactions with customers.

Evergreen posts provide a way for your company to engage with prospects on social media. Blogs that are housed on your website increase site traffic and create potential conversion paths. When industry keywords are used to create evergreen topics, content improves your organization’s SEO rankings. Enduring content positions your company as a thought leader in your industry.

TSL Marketing can help your company explore the possibilities of evergreen content marketing. We have an experienced team of content specialists that can write and design sustainable marketing content for your brand.

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