Starting a Social Media Marketing Program

The key to establishing an effective Social Media Marketing Program at your managed service provider (MSP) company is to set up a directed strategy, define your audience and targets, and provide impactful content to the right groups at the right time using the channels they prefer. Social media platforms are great for reaching prospects where they like to communicate, comment, and share information. 

To use social media effectively, MSPs need to invest not only in marketing programs but also in training sales and marketing team members to raise their understanding and skill level. 

For over two decades, TSL Marketing has proven its expertise in digital channels, such as social media, for MSPs. Our social media marketing experts analyze and guide your social media efforts to help your managed IT services business expand your reach. 


On-Demand Training for Your Team

TSL Academy offers a variety of off-the-shelf courses as well as course building options, including customized curricula, courseware, and quizzes. 


Proven Methods of Training and Coursework

Social Media X-Training

Getting Started

Building an Online Profile

How to Network Online

Social Media Engagement

Team Participation

Getting Results

Social Selling

Platform Review

Step 1 – “Find”

Step 2 – “Relate”

Step 3 – “Engage”

2 Sessions of Exclusive One-to-One Coaching

Principles of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Foundations & Best Practices

Digital Marketing Campaigns: Design & Execution

Measuring Results

Advanced Digital Marketing

Marketing Goals

Google Analytics

Building Customer-Centric Content

Improving Channel Traffic

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Marketing Results to Wins

Modern Marketing

Building Personas

Creating Content


Social Media

Closed-Loop Marketing

All courses are fully customizable for MSPs and can be made available in an in-person, live webinar or self-paced online/e-learning format. Courses typically run for 5 to 6 weeks, with coaching calls integrated throughout. More compressed content options are also available. 


Paul Krappman

Paul Krappman

Paul Krappman is a senior marketing executive and strategist. For the past 25+ years, he has worked with both large software companies and start-ups. His broad experience in the technology realm has given him a unique perspective on how best to leverage social channels and the tools of digital marketing. His innovative approach to B2B social media and digital marketing training has been utilized by more than 2,400 companies around the world to activate their social media participation and begin building their digital marketing structures. He has built world class teams and implemented successful strategies for creating digital and social authority.


Victoria Bianchini

Victoria Bianchini

Victoria Bianchini is an active and engaged digital marketing practitioner with a penchant for creating and curating compelling content that makes people think. She started her career on the Web with Prodigy, then was one of the founding members of before going on to work in marketing communications for and Sphere (an AOL property). These days, she has taken what she’s learned and helps business owners realize the potential of digital content marketing.


Denise Bahs

Denise Bahs

Denise Bahs is a Digital Marketing Strategist. Her background includes more than 20 years in marketing for the payments industry. After working for a trade association for 8 years, she worked with technology start-ups utilizing digital tools to move the needle. Witnessing firsthand how to leverage social media and grow social authority, Denise has helped numerous companies gain visibility and grow their businesses utilizing the social channels. With a few thousand connections/followers, she is a mentor, public speaker and enjoys talking “social!”

  • "Without the training and encouragement of my coach for the Social Media Cross-Training I would not have gone beyond LinkedIn and basic Facebook in social media. We learned the mechanics of multiple social media channels but more importantly the strategy to use behind it. With both group and individual support over six weeks I went from having reservations concerning entering this new world to being confident while participating in it. I believe social media is an important subject to at least understand and the 'Cross-Training' is a great way to gain many insights and basic capabilities."

    -President of a Manufacturer
  • "I attended the full day Digital Workshop yesterday and it was fantastic. I learned a lot from your experts as well as from my peers who attended the workshop. I truly enjoyed the assortment of topics, especially the section on Google Analytics."

    -Marketing Manager of a Solution Provider
  • "THANK YOU VERY MUCH for sharing your knowledge, energy, suggestions, etc. I found the training and time spent very valuable (and fun!)."

    -Sales Director of a Solution Provider


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