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The Marketing Benefits of Minimizing Your Brand's Logo

By Katherine Slick

Jun 22, 2016

About 3 minutes

Starbucks_Logo_Comparison-200.jpgIf you haven't already noticed, there is something a little different about Starbucks.

The next time you are drinking a $9 latte, take a look at the logo on the side of the cup.

The iconic twin-tailed siren is still there, but the classic “Starbucks Coffee” is gone.

In 2015, the popular chain decided to remove the text and just leave the image. This is an example of minimizing a brand logo to maximize the brand's potential. 

From Targeted Marketing to Open Options


Back in the day, Starbucks had a very targeted plan. They cornered a specific market and hit it hard. In their case, they were making gourmet coffee drinks, and they were doing it better than anyone else. It worked for a while, but things started to change. Their customers wanted more, so Starbucks delivered.

Today, you can go up to a Starbucks barista and order tea, juice, pastries, and breakfast sandwiches. There are regular customers who have never ordered a coffee. By removing the text in their logo, Starbucks has allotted itself unlimited potential by not being pigeonholed as a coffee shop.

Why Less Is More

There is a reason why businesses subscribe to the “less is more” theory with branding and marketing. If an athletic apparel company created a logo that showed a pair of shoes, consumers may only consider them to be a sneaker company.


Nike’s famous “swoosh” is a perfect example of minimalistic branding. It’s a sleek and attractive design, but it doesn’t suggest any specific Nike product.

That provides Nike the flexibility to market and sell any products they want. And this sporting company has taken advantage of this by expanding their product lines to include everything from shoes to apparel, accessories, tech gadgets, apps, and more. 

Harness the Power of Branding

Branding can make or break a company. It is important to have an attractive image or logo that catches the eye and becomes recognizable. But by limiting specific language, like Starbucks eliminated coffee, companies can use the power of the unknown to their advantage. Smart companies are giving themselves the opportunity to expand by not limiting their brand's potential.

Consider how embracing a minimalist logo could benefit your company. Would engaging in a simplified version of your current brand bring you any benefits? As is the case with all branding decisions, don't rush to make any rash decisions. Ensure you are thinking things through, and investigate ways to make your branding remarkable.

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